Groovy Smoothies

Over the past month or so I’ve been into making my own fruit smoothies. I think the summer had inspired me. I’ve been Instagraming my concoctions and it really brings out the beauty in the colours of the fruit. I figured why not share them here to give others ideas to try.


For this smoothie I took all the seeds from one pomegranate and the contents of one passion fruit and added them to a jug. I then added some mango juice and blended everything together. The amount of juice you use can help to control how much smoothie you make and how thick or watery you want it to be.

Pink Mermaid

This design uses the Pink duochrome shade called Mediterranean from Barry M’s Aquarium effect range.

_IMG_5332 copy

I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of a raspberry shade.

_IMG_5333 copy

I then painted about 2/3 of each nail with the aquarium effect. I would describe this as a shimmery pink shade that changes to shades of gold and copper. But I feel it does have very slight hints of a greenish tone as well in some light.

_IMG_5336 copy

As usual I find it hard to capture the true effect of such polishes with my camera, but I think you can kind of see the effect in the pics. It’s quite a pretty mix of colours.

_IMG_5342 copy

Next I used a striping brush to add a gold stripe down the area where the two different colours meet. I really need to invest in some better striping brushes. The ones I have are far too thick to do any nice flicks with.

_IMG_5344 copy

Lastly, on the ring fingers I decided to add a row of yellow rhinestones along the gold stripe. This was a last minute decision as I felt the overall design was lacking something.


As well as my plans for mini posts, I also want to try and get back to doing a few posts here and there that is not related to nail art to mix things up a little bit. Therefore this week I wanted to share my favourite candle brand, which is Yankee Candle.

_IMG_5375 copy

I love having a fragranced candle burning in various rooms of my flat to make the place feel more cheerful. I have tried a few random brands and I find the level of fragrance just does not last, especially in the cheaper brands.

_IMG_5376 copy

Also Yankee have a huge selection of different fragrances, which they are always changing with each season. I’m the kind of person that loves to try out different ‘flavours’ of things, as some of you might know from my shower gel collection/addiction.


For this reason, I usually like to burn the small votive candles so that I can mix up the fragrances more often. You can also find many cute little votive holders around in the shops, markets and on the internet to make the place look more pretty. However I recently got this pretty wax burner, which looks great in my living room. I also find the level of fragrance is more prominent with the wax burners. I guess this is because all the wax is melted at once.


I also got this large candle with a pretty mosaic tray and jar lamp shade for my mom. It looks great in her kitchen even when not in use.

Spotty Dotty

I wanted to start doing more mid-week posts again, as for a while now I only really find time to post once a week on Saturdays. Therefore I’ve decided to try and do what I like to call ‘mini posts’. These would mostly be shorter/quicker posts, possibly with less text and/or less photos. For example in cases where I only have one photo or low quality photos of something I wanted to share. However I wanted to also make these posts an excuse to quickly share things when on the go and not at my home PC. For example if I see something that I think looks cool and want to share, I can take a quick pic on my phone and make a post from there.


For the first of these posts I wanted to share a picture of a simple dotty nail design I did on my friend a while back. This uses a blue background, with red dots, except for the ring fingers which have gold dots.

Dotty Magnetic

This was a nice quick design using a magnetic nail paint.

_IMG_0307 copy

I painted all nails, except the ring fingers in in 1 coat of a blue magnetic nail paint. The ring fingers were painted in 2 coats of a bright blue shade.

_IMG_0309 copy

For the second coat of the magnetic nail paint, a kind of star effect magnet was used over the top.

_IMG_0314 copy

On the ring fingers a dotting tool was used to place some silver dots in a star shape to add more pattern to the whole thing.

Teal Bronze Caviar

This week is a simple micro bead nail look.

_IMG_0380 copy

I have micro beads in teal as well and saw these 2 colours next to each other and thought they looked nice together.

_IMG_0382 copy

As I have a nail paint in the teal colour as well I decided to paint all nails in this shade.

_IMG_0384 copy

Then I used the bronze/copper coloured micro beads and added them to both ring fingers to make an accent nail.

_IMG_0388 copy

I took these photos before adding top coat. Although the beads don’t look as good with top coat over the top, I like to still use it in order to make them last a lot longer.

Juicy Watermelons

I’ve seen lots of people try this design out on the internet over the time and thought the recent good weather would be the perfect opportunity to try it out for myself.

_IMG_5415 copy

I painted all nails in 2 coats of a kind of neon pink colour that I had.

_IMG_5419 copy

Next I painted the about bottom 1/3 of each nail in white. After I painted all the tips in a dark green colour. I made sure to leave a thin line of white in between the green and pink.

_IMG_5424 copy

Next I used a thin brush and a lighter green and painted stripes along where the green tips were.

_IMG_5427 copy

Lastly, before adding the top coat, I added the pips by using a small dotting tool and a black nail paint. When dotting on the pips, I dragged the dotting tool upwards slightly as I lifted it from the nail in order to make a more tear drop shape.

Caviar Triangles

This one didn’t come out too good, but I still wanted to share it. The problem was when I added the topcoat, but without it the beads come off much easier.

_IMG_0342 copy

Firstly I painted all nails with 2 coats of a nude shade.

_IMG_0345 copy

Then I added my microbeads to each nail. They were a mix of bright pink and blue beads.

_IMG_0347 copy

The plan was to place them in a triangular shape coming down from the top of each nail.

_IMG_0349 copy

Afterwards I added my topcoat. Unfortunate I find the colours tend to run on microbeads. It’s not so bad when the whole nail is covered, but in this case they wasn’t. I did have to go over my base colours in some areas to cover where the colour had ran.

Silky Seaweed

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with this design but I wanted something with overlapping squiggly lines. But in the end I was happy with out it turned out. I wonder if a different background colour may have worked better though.

_IMG_5275 copy

First I painted all nails with 2 coats of a black colour to make the background.

_IMG_5280 copy

Next I took pastel pink, green and purple shades from Barry M’s recent silk collection.

_IMG_5284 copy

Starting with a thinner brush and the pink shade I added squiggly lines along the majority of each nail.


Next I used the green to add lines in between the gaps left in the pink lines.

_IMG_5292 copy

Lastly I added lines in purple, but I only did them halfway up the nail. I did not add a top coat as I wanted to keep the finish of the silk nail paints.