Silk Triangles

For this design I used 3 colours from Barry M’s Silk Nail Effects range, but it would work great with a mixture of colours and finishes. I was after a subtle design this time, but a mix of light, dark and bold colours would look great also.


I first painted all nails in 2 coats a lilac shade called heather and let this dry very well.

_IMG_0513 copy

Then I used striping tape to tape off a triangle shape from the top of the nail and having the point of the triangle land around 90% of the way down the nail. I did this on all nails and filled it in with a white shade called pearl before removing the tape.

_IMG_0515 copy

I again gave this plenty of time to dry. Then I used striping tape again, but this time to make a triangle of a smaller size starting from the bottom of the nail and going upwards. I did this across all nails.

_IMG_0517 copy

This time I used a brownish shade called truffle before removing the striping tape and adding top coat. I was left with a design where the triangles overlapped each other in the middle.

Spring Daisies

I wanted to have a go at a design that involved daisies where the centre of each daisy was a yellow rhinestone and this is what I came up with.

_IMG_5575 copy

I painted each nail in two coats of a nude shade. I then painted the bottom halves of each nail in a sky blue colour.

_IMG_5578 copy

To each nail I painted on a subtle flakie nail paint to add a bit of sparkle. I only placed this over where I had used the blue colour.

_IMG_5585 copy

Then using a dotting tool I placed dots in white in order to create a daisy on the middle of each nail. In the centre of each flower I placed a yellow rhinestone.

_IMG_5587 copy

I then added some small dots in a gold colour to the sides of each flower in order to cover up the line where the nude background and blue colours met. Immediately after finishing this design I had an idea for another daisy design based on a top I own lol.

Textured Gradient

This is a simple gradient design made using a textured nail polish for the base.

_IMG_0547 copy

Firstly I painted all nails in 2 coats of a yellow textured nail polish. This particular shade also has some slight shimmer to it.

_IMG_0550 copy

Then using a makeup sponge and a purple nail polish with a silky effect I added the gradient.

_IMG_0556 copy

I built this up to the desired effect in layers by concentrating more of the nail polish at the tips of each nails.

_IMG_0561 copy

The end result left texture to the whole nail, but as the purple was not a textured nail polish, it was as if the texture gradiented out towards the tips of the nails as well.

Indulgent Chocolate Banana Milkshake

For this one it makes enough for one large glass. The amount of milk you use controls how much you make.
Take one medium sized banana and slice it up. To this add a good teaspoon full of Nutella or other chocolate spread. Then add a heaped desert spoon of vanilla ice cream. Add the required amount of milk and blend together. Don’t over blend as the ice cream will loose its coolness too much.



I had these two nail polishes as a gift and quite liked the look of the blue shade so wanted to try it out.

_IMG_5509 copy

The design is a simple plain colour base with purple hex glitter over the top.


Unfortunately the hex glitter wasn’t very dense and so I really had to blob it on to get enough glitter.


The problem with this however was that I ended up with a lot of air bubbles in the clear layer holding the glitter.


Overall though I think the two polishes went well together.

Mint Sticks

This week’s design is a simple stripy ring finger look using two different colours and striping tape.

_IMG_0531 copy

I decided I wanted to use green and so I painted my ring fingers in two coats of a dark green shade with a bit of shimmer to it.

_IMG_0535 copy

Then on all the other fingers I painted two coats of a lighter green shade.

_IMG_0539 copy

I decided to go for a minty green shade. The particular one I used is called ‘Meadow’ from Barry M’s Silk range.

_IMG_0543 copy

On the ring fingers I placed several lengths of striping tape on each nail going in the direction from the nail beds to the tips. I attempted to make the gaps in between the same width as the tape.

_IMG_0544 copy

I then painted over the ring fingers in my lighter green shade, and made sure to remove the striping tape before it had chance to dry too much in order to leave me with this stripy design.