Satin and Pearls

For this design I tested out the satin top coat by Avon. In their brochure it is advertised as a matte topcoat with a pearlescent shine to it. In the bottle you can also see this effect.

_IMG_0471 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in a light pink. The ring fingers I painted in yellow.

_IMG_0473 copy

On the ring finger I added a few pearl effect nail art gems and a pink tear drop shaped gem.

_IMG_0475 copy

On the other fingers I used the satin topcoat. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It just looks like a matte top coat. If you look closely you can see a little shimmer in it but that was about it.

_IMG_0483 copy

I would probably just use this as a normal matte topcoat. I also found that on a couple of nails the odd small white lump had formed in the top coat as it dried.

Glitter Stripes

Originally I was going to add stripes to all the nails, but I was short on time and messed up a bit in my rush. In the end I settled for just doing the ring fingers.

_IMG_5295 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in the same colour. I went for a shimmery glittery blue shade. For the ring fingers I went for a gold in the same style of polish.

_IMG_5296 copy

It is essential that you make sure each coat of nail polish is given enough time to dry fully, other wise you risk pulling off the base colour when you peel off the striping tape. I put strips of tape at random angles over the ring finger nails.

_IMG_5300 copy

Next I painted a black polish over the ring finger nails. Before it has chance to dry too much, remove the tape. I suggest trying to remember the order in which you layered each strip of tape so that you can remove it starting with the top most strip.

_IMG_5303 copy

I found if I was not careful to remove the tape in this way then I risked messing up the perfectness of my lines, which I ended up doing a little until I had realised this.

Raspberry Smoothie

For this smoothie I took the seeds from one pomegranate and a small tray of raspberries. I then added some pineapple juice and blended everything together.


As well as tasting great with fresh fruit, I find making smoothies is a great way to use up fruit that’s starting to get a little bit old. It’s also good for fruit you might normally find a bit too tart on its own. Personally I don’t add any sugar to my smoothies to sweeten them, but the fruit juice you use can add sweetness to the overall taste.

Foil Spots

This one was a simple dotty design using a plain background and foil effect dots in curved rows.

_IMG_5429 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of a dark purple shade.

_IMG_5434 copy

Then using a medium sized dotting tool and a silver foil nail varnish, I added a row of dots curving along one bottom corner of each nail.

_IMG_5436 copy

Next I took a very slightly bigger sized dotting tool and a lilac foil effect nail varnish to add another row of dots above the silver row.

_IMG_5440 copy

Lastly I did the same again, but this time with a gold foil effect nail varnish and a bigger sized dotting tool.

_IMG_5444 copy

I then finished everything off with a coat of top coat.

Kiwi Smoothie

For this smoothie I took two kiwi fruits and half a honeydew melon. I then added the desired amount of pineapple juice and blended everything together.


I have a small hand blender that I use, and I find with this it’s better to use fruit with the skin removed. I have tried smoothies with fruit such as nectarines, blueberries, plums and peaches. However I find that you are left with bits of skin left intact. Personally I don’t really mind this, but I know the texture would be off putting for some.


The jug I use my mom got me from ASDA. It has a clip on lid with a small lid at the front to make it easy to pour into a glass. It is also designed for fitting into the door of your fridge making it perfect for keeping your smoothies fresh and cool for a few days. I usually add enough juice so that when everything is blended together the jug is about half full. This gives me enough smoothie for about 3 tall glasses full.

Special Flowers

Was playing around with some old photos through Instagram recently that I wanted to share here. You can see my Instagram profile here.


These flowers were a surprise gift from my fiancé back in March this year.


He ordered them through Interflora and had them delivered to my workplace.


I never get deliveries at work, so was a bit confused when the receptionist called up to say I had a delivery.


It was a great surprise to find that he had sent me a huge bouquet of flowers.


Due to the long distance nature of our relationship, we only normally send each other gifts for birthdays and at Christmas because postage costs so much.


The colours were beautiful shades of pink, and there were a good selection of different types of flowers. He knows exactly what kinds of colours I like the most lol.


I didn’t use Instagram back then, but I thought about these flowers recently and figured the pictures I had took could look even better if I played around with them in Instagram.

Groovy Smoothies

Over the past month or so I’ve been into making my own fruit smoothies. I think the summer had inspired me. I’ve been Instagraming my concoctions and it really brings out the beauty in the colours of the fruit. I figured why not share them here to give others ideas to try.


For this smoothie I took all the seeds from one pomegranate and the contents of one passion fruit and added them to a jug. I then added some mango juice and blended everything together. The amount of juice you use can help to control how much smoothie you make and how thick or watery you want it to be.

Pink Mermaid

This design uses the Pink duochrome shade called Mediterranean from Barry M’s Aquarium effect range.

_IMG_5332 copy

I firstly painted all my nails with 2 coats of a raspberry shade.

_IMG_5333 copy

I then painted about 2/3 of each nail with the aquarium effect. I would describe this as a shimmery pink shade that changes to shades of gold and copper. But I feel it does have very slight hints of a greenish tone as well in some light.

_IMG_5336 copy

As usual I find it hard to capture the true effect of such polishes with my camera, but I think you can kind of see the effect in the pics. It’s quite a pretty mix of colours.

_IMG_5342 copy

Next I used a striping brush to add a gold stripe down the area where the two different colours meet. I really need to invest in some better striping brushes. The ones I have are far too thick to do any nice flicks with.

_IMG_5344 copy

Lastly, on the ring fingers I decided to add a row of yellow rhinestones along the gold stripe. This was a last minute decision as I felt the overall design was lacking something.