Lol the title for this one is a bit cheesy I know. But there’s triangular shapes involved and groups of 3 so I couldn’t help myself.

_IMG_5543 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a coral colour.

_IMG_5549 copy

Then I made the coral into a triangle shape with the point going towards the tips by painting 2 silver triangles at the sides of each nail.

_IMG_5553 copy

Next I added 3 rhinestones to each nail. I added them on top of the coral colour.

_IMG_5556 copy

I used 3 differing sized rhinestones, with the largest near the base and the smallest towards the middle of the nail.

_IMG_5558 copy

The pretty thing about these rhinestones is that they have a subtle multi tonal/multi coloured finish to them.

Red Flame Tips

I’m not really sure what I wanted to achieve with this design other than I wanted to use the colours black and red, but I did not want the tips to be the standard boring ‘straight’ tip like you would do for a French manicure. The problem was that I was short on time.


Therefore I ended up with these squiggly line kind of tips. The final result reminded me a little of flames hence the title of this post. I love how the above image reflects my camera in it lol (which is also red by the way).

_IMG_5251 copy

I painted all nails black, except for the ring fingers, which I did in red. I used a bright red that had a little shimmer to it.

_IMG_5267 copy

On the ring fingers I then added a line of 3 black rhinestones.

_IMG_5269 copy

On the tips of the rest of the nails, I used a smaller nail brush to add the squiggles/flicks in the red colour. I think i should have used a even thinner brush though to make it look better.

_IMG_5271 copy

This has given me the idea to try and do some proper flame nails in the future sometime using shades of yellow, orange and red.

Pink Glam Gradient

I’m really pleased with how this one came out and it wasn’t much effort to achieve either.

_IMG_5692 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in a bright shimmery pink shade. On the ring fingers I used a metallic nail polish that was kind of between a gold and bronze colour.

_IMG_5693 copy

On the ring fingers I then used a flakie glitter over the top. This was made up of goldish and light pink flakes.

_IMG_5697 copy

Over this I then added a few nail art gems in pink shades. A heart one in the middle and then normal round ones to the sides.

_IMG_5698 copy

On the pink nails I sponged on the metallic shade, starting from the tip and working up to the middle of the nail.

_IMG_5701 copy

I then added the same flakie glitter polish over the top of the metallic gradient area for a bit of extra glam.

Crackle Fail

So for this one my plans were to have a multicoloured background underneath the crackle. However I think the colours I chose were too dark and similar for them to show through once the crackle was applied. Either way I thought I would still share it with you as overall it still looks pretty.

_IMG_5460 copy

I painted all nails in 2 coats of a dark blue.

_IMG_5454 copy

Then I used both a dark purple and green shade and made sure to remove most of the excess on the brush. I placed random streaks of each colour on each of the nails.


At this point you could see the differences in colour. However I then added a white crackle over the top of everything and soon realised that the colours I had used were too close to each other to really see much difference.

_IMG_5458 copy

In the photos, it is not visible at all really, but when I looked close in reality you could see some colour differences in places. I definatley want to have another go at this one.

Silk Triangles

For this design I used 3 colours from Barry M’s Silk Nail Effects range, but it would work great with a mixture of colours and finishes. I was after a subtle design this time, but a mix of light, dark and bold colours would look great also.


I first painted all nails in 2 coats a lilac shade called heather and let this dry very well.

_IMG_0513 copy

Then I used striping tape to tape off a triangle shape from the top of the nail and having the point of the triangle land around 90% of the way down the nail. I did this on all nails and filled it in with a white shade called pearl before removing the tape.

_IMG_0515 copy

I again gave this plenty of time to dry. Then I used striping tape again, but this time to make a triangle of a smaller size starting from the bottom of the nail and going upwards. I did this across all nails.

_IMG_0517 copy

This time I used a brownish shade called truffle before removing the striping tape and adding top coat. I was left with a design where the triangles overlapped each other in the middle.