Barry M Lip Stuff

Party Pink Lip Lacquer Crayon

I saw one of these advertised in a magazine a month or so ago and they caught my eye. I had a look on their website, and saw that they only do a handful of colours, which was a bit off-putting. This was partly because the colours seemed either too dark or way too light. However after a bit of thought I decided to give the party pink colour a go, as it was somewhere in between the other colours.

I love the way it reminds me of a Crayola wax crayon lol. I went for this shade as I don’t think I could pull off the deep red colours, and the only pink lighter than this is very pale and I’m not a fan of lip colours lighter than my natural lip colour.

It applies quite nicely and easily and is a lot more glittery and shiny than I expected. The colour is very pigmented, and like the name ‘party pink’ suggests its more the kind of bold colour you would wear when going out rather than for in the office.

However to me it felt quite thick and heavy whilst on my lips, whereas I prefer a quite lightweight feel. I also found that it wore off quicker than I expected. But overall I am happy with the product.

Touch Of Magic Lip Paint

Whilst looking at the lip lacquer crayons on their website, I also stumbled across this strange colour of lip paint. My first thought was something along the lines of ‘WTF, who would wear green! lol’.

However upon closer inspection I realised that it does not colour your lips green at all. It actually reacts with the alkali in your lips to turn into a shade of pink. Due to this the intensity of the colour basically depends on how your body naturally is. Intrigued by this, I watched a few Youtube videos of people trying it on before deciding that I just had to try it for myself.

One thing I really like about this lip paint, is the tube itself. The plastic has that rubbery feel to it, which makes it feel nice and special in your hands. As for the paint itself, I really like how it applied. It felt nice and lightweight on the lips and wasn’t sticky or anything. It felt exactly like a lip balm when rubbing my lips together, which made them feel nice and moisturised. It also seems to be very long lasting and durable. Hours after applying it and drinking and eating, my lips were still coloured by the lip paint, although to the touch it felt like it had wore off completely. This may be because it stains the lips to an extent, as I also found it harder to wash off than other lipsticks and such.

As for the colour, for me at least I was happy with the shade that the lip paint turned into. However, I found that the shade of pink was not always as even across the lips as I would have liked and expected it to. For example I found that sometimes along the line where the lip goes from being outside of your mouth to being inside your mouth, that the pink was a lot more bolder and brighter (I hope that makes sense lol). I assume that this is because as it reacts with the pH of your skin, and that the shade of colour produced will vary depending on this, then this will cause unevenness if the pH across your lips are uneven. Despite this, I am overall happy with it. I love the idea behind it and it will be something that I continue to use.

Photo Comparison

The pictures below compare the results I got from both of these lip products. The first image is of the lip lacquer crayon, the second of my bare lip, and the last of the touch of magic lip paint.


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