Recent Nail Care Improvements

New Nail Strengthener

I’ve always liked to let my nails grow, and I only cut them once one or two have broken. This is because if they are all different lengths, the feeling of it just drives me mad. Especially when doing things like typing. However over the past year or so I’ve started wearing nail varnish a lot more often, up to the point that I always have nail colour on. I’ve found that since then that bits of the top layer of my nail peel off more often, especially when I chip my nail colour or after using nail varnish remover. Due to this I have found it harder to get them to grow as long as they used to.

I did have nail strengthener that I used under my colour, but it was part of a cheap Xmas gift given to me about 10 years ago or so lol. I figured that the time to buy some propper nail strengthener was more than overdue. I ended up buying the one pictured below. It is Collection 2000’s 2 in 1 Strengthener and Hardener with Calcium.

There were many types that I looked at when deciding on which to try. But based on my results from Googling the problems I have with my nails, it seemed that a good hardener is what I need. I learnt from my research that there are two main types of nails. Brittle nails or weak nails. If your nails are brittle then they break or snap cleanly. To fix this you need more moisture in your nails. However if your nails tear or have parts of the top layer peel away like mine, then you need to strengthen them by making them harder. I will talk about my opinions of the results of the product in the last section of my post. This is because at the same time as using this new strengthener, I also started using a new nail file, and so the results are a combination of both of these things.

My First Crystal Glass Nail File

I need to give a bit of a background story as to how I discovered this product, so bear with me as I appear to go completely into an off topic ramble for a while.

I’ve recently become addicted to using QVC as a method of helping me get tired enough to sleep on work nights. I’ve haven’t had access to a TV in my bedroom for long, and have never really watched TV much in the past. This is mainly because my computer takes up most of the spare space in my bedroom and so there has never been room to have a TV. However when I finally got my PS3, I wanted to be able to experience it properly both visually and auditory, and not through my crappy TV card in my computer that I ended up using when playing on my PS2. One of my brothers had gotten a TV last Xmas that supported HDMI, doubled up as his computer monitor and had Freeview. This is basically exactly what I needed too. Since I got it though, I’ve increasingly found myself more and more addicted to watching shopping channels lol. I’m sure my brothers think I have gone mad.

Anyways time to get back on topic. On QVC a few weeks ago they were selling this crystal glass nail file. This type of nail file was completely unheard of to me and so it immediately got my interest. Also all the benefits the woman selling it was talking about sounded quite good.

Now don’t get me wrong. Although I like watching, I’m quite sceptical about some of the things they say. A few times I couldn’t help but silently lol to myself when they blatantly lie. For example the once they was trying to sell some hair product that is supposed to boost the colour in coloured hair and stop the colour fading. They then showed a before and after image. The fact that it seemed the product had worked on the model’s top and on the wall in the background only proved that the ‘after results’ image had been edited somewhat. After all their job is to get you to buy no matter how good the product really is.

But despite this the 2o quid they wanted for just a nail file seemed a bit excessive to me anyway. So like everything else I see that interests me, I Google it, watch reviews on Youtube, and then if I still want it I’ll have a look on Ebay to see if I can buy it for any cheaper.

The results of my internet searching helped to confirm what I saw on QVC. I’ll briefly summarise them below.

  • These files are more hygienic as they can be cleaned easily.
  • Although the files themselves can break easily due to being glass, the filing surface is very durable and will last longer than your emery board or metal file will. Some sites call it the file for life.
  • The filing surface is very fine. Therefore when compared to other types of files, it is a lot less damaging to your nail. They will not leave the nail tips jagged or cause any tearing or splitting in the nail due to the damage filing can cause. Due to this the nail can grow stronger over time if this type of file is continued to be used. This was the main benefit that caught my attention and the main reason why I wanted such a file.
  • They also come in lots of different designs and colours, which make them feel extra special.

After this my next stop was Ebay. They had a huge range of different glass files from many different sellers in terms of size, colour and designs. There are ones with coloured tops to the file, ones with gems glued to them and even hand painted ones. The price ranges also differ greatly. As this was my first time buying such a file however I didn’t want to risk buying an expensive one. In the end I settled on the one pictured below.

Although this one cost just over £4, there were much cheaper ones available. However this was the cheapest one I found that had a hard case come with it. Most of them had just a plastic sleeve to protect it. I also got one the same but in a different colour for my mom.

The Results

I can say that my nails are a lot stronger and healthier than they were before. They are not as bendy as they once were. I remember once I bent my middle nail right back against the bathroom wall when pushing a towel onto the towel rack lol. Also in just a couple of weeks they have stopped flaking, and I have only broken one nail since I started using the strengthener. They are also starting to grow as long as they used to get again, despite the fact that I type using the tips of my nails. I hate when my nails are short and I type because my fingertips always start to ache quite easily.

As for the file it does file quite nicely. Obviously it takes a little longer to file them into the shape you want as the surface of the file is finer. But you can feel that it is a lot gentler on the nails and you get a much smoother finish. You also do not get any of the jaggy bits to the underside of the tip that I always seemed to get when using other files. The one time I did break a nail, was when I was at work and the only file I had on me was an emery board. After using the glass file and then going back to an emery board really pointed out to me the difference between them both. I could not help but feel how rough and damaging the emery board was on the nail, despite the fact that I was using the finer side. I couldn’t wait to get home and go over the tip of the nail with my glass file to make it smoother neater, and feel healthier. The only thing that I don’t like about the particular file that I purchased, is that a slightly longer file may be a bit more comfortable to use.

I know one thing that I will be definatley buying for people at work as Xmas presents this year lol.


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