Crackle Nail Fun

Just repainted my nails and decided to have some fun with the Nail Effects nail varnish by Barry M that I recently purchased. I have them in colours 311 (black) and 316 (White).

The good thing about these is that they only cost £3.99 each and they are an easy way to make your nails look funky. The only problem though is that you have to work quickly with them as the consistency is quite thick and they become touch dry quite fast. I’ve only used the black four times and the top stick bit of the brush has quite a bit of clumpiness on it already where it has started to dry before I’ve finished painting it onto my nails.

To use these crackle nail varnishes you need to put a base coat onto the nail first. The reason for this is that without it they will not crackle. You can use a base coat from any brand in any colour meaning that there are endless colour possibilities with these. This time around I decided to use two different colours from Nails Inc.

The colours are part of their Cocktail Collection, which I got free from some vouchers when we brought some double Malib’s from a bar up town one weekend. There are three colours in total in the collection, the other being an orange colour. However the two I have were the colours I liked the look of the most, and I think they both go nicely with each other. They are called Cosmo and Mojito. Their quality is good and they apply smoothly. I find that these are the only varnishes out of all the different brands that I own that I can apply the neatest before it starts to go too tacky. The consistency is not too thick, nor to thin, which is the kind of quality that you would expect from a more expensive brand of nail varnish. Seeing as I got these free, when varnishes from Nails Inc normally cost £11 a bottle, there is nothing about them that I can complain about really lol.

The two images below show my nails after a coat of nail strengthener and two coats of my chosen base colours.

The next two images show my nails after the nail effects varnish was applied, allowed to dry, and then a clear topcoat was applied to help hold everything together and because the nail effects dries matte.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the outcome. What do you think of crackle nail polish and what colours do you think go well together?


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