Playing around with 120 Palette

As I’ve had the past few days off from work, it’s been the perfect opportunity to do some blogging. Today I thought I would experiment a bit with my 120 Palette, as I haven’t used it near enough as much as I would have liked to by now. I had a purple and green bracelet on that I made earlier this year so decided I would try out a green and purple combo. However when looking at the colours in the palette there was a slightly greenish tourquise shade that caught my eye so I went with that in the end instead of a normal green as you can see in the pictures below.

I think the two colours blended together in the crease really nicely, despite them being two quite different colours. This is just one of the many reasons why I love my palette so much lol. There hasn’t been any colours that I’ve tried and been disappointed with yet.

The top eyeliner is one of those marker pen ones. I fail with liquid liners, and I find this considerably easier to put on neatly, although I still need practise lol.

I’m now eager to try out more colour combinations. What colour’s do you think would go nice together? My mom commented that these colours went well with the colour of my eyes.


Online Shopping Spree

Work has been a bit more depressing than usual this week, so I decided to put my mind off things by going on a mad online shopping spree and spending more than I normally would. I had also booked the last three days of this week off work about a month back, although at one point it came close to me having to reschedule it. However I think picking these particular days was quite lucky, not only because I doubt I would have got through an entire week without going crazy, but also because I’ve developed a cold. It’s a sign that summer is now over I guess, although we don’t really get much of a summer in the UK anyways lol.

I spent the entire morning eagerly waiting for the postman, but gave up at about 1pm and figured he wouldn’t show up today. After all I thought post people delivered in the morning lol. However less than 30 mins later I was gladly proved wrong. 2 out of 3 of my packages arrived today. One was from Barry M and the other from an ebay seller. The only thing left to come is the most expensive purchase. One of Nail Inc’s new magnetic varnishes that I’m desperate to try. However I ordered it from Amazon as there was a free postage option there, and the expected delivery date is longer than the others.

I decided to open the smallest ebay parcel first. A butterfly ear cuff. I randomly came across ear cuffs when browsing the internet the other night and thought they looked quite cool. I like butterflies so decided on getting a butterfly one in the end, although I did see a froggy one that was nice also.

The good thing about it is that no piercing is required to wear it, and so there won’t be any holes on show when you’re in a situation where it would not be suitable to wear such a thing, for example at work. It also meant I didn’t have to go out and get my ear pierced before I could try it out lol. I guess that makes me sound quite lazy lol. I do like to make my own jewellery in my spare time, but haven’t had chance to for the past few months due to work.  I’ve been wondering about trying to make one of my own with some small beads on. I think it would be a nice project to try when I get the chance.

My 2nd package to open is the Barry M one. I had a few email updates from them recently advertising their new foil nail effect varnishes as well as their new crackle nail effect colours. However I haven’t seen any of them in my local Boots yet, and have been really interested in trying out the foil effect varnishes so decided to buy both of them online. Their current colours are gold and silver, which are numbers 320 and 319 respectively.

When looking on their website for their postage charges, it was only a little bit extra for orders over £10 so thought it would be better to get quite a few things at once. So I decided to try out some of the other crackle colours. I already own the black and the white crackles. However in the end I decided to just get all the other colours that I don’t have. They are the blue #315 and pink #314, as well as their two new colours gold #321 and purple #322.

The pink and blue look solid in colour, whereas the gold and purple look quite shimmery. At first I was a bit stuck as to which I should try out first, but my mom let me experiment with all of them on her nails. The blue went quite nicley with the silver foil effect, but the gold crackle is a bit more translucent than I had expected. I tried it against the silver foil varnish but it was hard to see. I think it would most probably show up better with darker colours as a base.

For my own nails I decided that I would alternate between both of the foil varnishes. The best thing that I noticed about these is that they applied quite well and evenly across the nail. Just one coat was perfect as you can see below. They also do look nice and shiny and metallic just like the label ‘foil’ would suggest. When painting them I was worried they would look quite streaky, but now that they are dry they look great.

I decided to finish my nails off with the purple crackle. Purple is one of my favourite colours after all and I liked the fact that it was shimmery as well. As with all the crackle colours, they dry quite matte. This meant that when like this you can’t see the shimmer much, which I was a bit disappointed about at first. However that was soon fixed once I got around to adding my top coat. It is a nice deep purple crackle, although I think I secretly wish the shimmer in it was a bit more noticeable even with a glossy top coat on top.

The only problem was that I think I should have waited a bit longer before putting the crackle on. This is because on one of my thumbs the crackle seemed to pull the foil effect underneath apart slightly as it dried. However it is not too noticeable. One other thing I have noticed with the Barry M crackle varnishes is that my nails have lasted a little bit longer than they normally do, although it doesn’t take the ring binders and such at work long to chip them.

When purchasing these varnishes there was also an option to request a free brochure which I just couldn’t say no to. So I’ve got something nice to look through later tonight. I like looking at pictures of things lol.

120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

I was looking at eye shadows on ebay a couple of months ago and came across some palettes of 120 colours. When I saw that it only cost less than £7 in total for the entire palette, I just couldn’t resist trying one. After all you can spend more than that on about 4 different colours and with this you get 120! The price did make me a bit dubious about the quality of the product, but I felt the risk was worth the cost.

The palette is in a nice simple black case, and when opened you can lift the top layer of 80 colours off using the ribbon and place it in the lid to get to the bottom layer.

As you can see from the pictures, two of the shadows broke whilst it was in the post, however it did come from overseas, so I am sure it would have got thrown around a lot in transit. In my opinion it had been packaged well and I’m not the type to complain about 2/120. The palette had a sleeve of bubble wrap around it and then was placed in it’s box. The envelope used was also one of those bubble wrap envelopes. On top of each layer of shadows there was also a sheet of plastic to help keep everything together.

I have seen on the internet that it is quite easy to fix broken eye shadows, but in the end I decided to leave it as it is. I’ve been replacing the plastic sheets and the bubble wrap sleeve after use anyways and that seems to do the trick of stopping the broken ones from spilling out. Since having it I have had it moved about in a suitcase and sat on it while a bit tipsy and it has survived that also.

The fact that it came from overseas also meant that it took about 1 month to arrive. Although it was agony to wait so long it was completely worth it in the end as I am very pleased with the product overall. I have even ordered another one since as a backup.

Although I have not yet experimented with all the different colours anywhere near as much as I would have liked to by now, the pigmentation so far has been great. Although I have noticed the level of pigmentation does vary a bit between shadows, the colour application is good overall.  One of the darker green colours was actually a lot more pigmented than I expected it to be.

The shades of colours are also greatly spread out across the colour spectrum making it a good all rounder. I have seen palettes of 80 or so colours where all the colours are different shades of neutral tones. I’m the type of person who likes a lot of colour. The good thing about this palette is that it has varying shades of all the different colours you can think of, but it also has neutral shades for natural looks as well as darker shades for smoky eyed looks.

This means that you have limitless options in terms of the different looks that you can create and are only limited by your imagination. I have not tried using more than two colours at once so far, but I have found that they do blend together nicely. I feel now that the only thing restricting me is my lack of good brushes so I think I should invest in some soon.

I also love the fact that all the colours you could ever need are in one place, making them easy to access. I have found myself getting up earlier for work just so that I can spend time thinking about what colours I want to try that day. It has also made me want to take more care over applying my eye colour, rather than the quick 2 second throw one boring colour on because I’m running late for work that it previously was. Having something to put my mind off dreading going to work in the morning is more than welcome in my opinion lol.

As well as having a wide range of colours, there are also several finished in the palette. These include shimmery shadows, more matte shadows and a few marbled shadows. This makes the versatility of the palette huge. I feel like I will never need any other eye shadow again as I already have everything I need. The shadows have also so far been very long lasting and durable. In one of my previous posts where I am wearing shadows from this palette, I have pictures that were taken around 11 hours after applying the shadow. This was because I didn’t have time to take the pictures before work, but even after wearing them all day they hadn’t started to crease or fade at all.

This palette is easily my favourite makeup product that I own just because of the range of colours and versatility that it offers. If I had to think of something negative about it, it is that they smell a bit different to any other eye shadows I have smelt before. I know that’s a weird comment to make lol, but it’s true. It was also unfortunate that two of them got broken in the post. However when you think about everything that is great with the palette and it’s value money, it is a complete bargain that I would recommend to everyone. Just think how much it would cost to buy these many colours separatley?

If you search ‘Pro 120 Palette’ on ebay you will find the same palette as mine, for varying prices. I got mine for less than £7 and there is no logo on the packaging. I have seen the exact palettes on ebay with well known brand logos printed on the front going for much higher prices.  I saw one listing claiming the palette was by MAC and asking for £60, but you could easily see from the images that it was identical to mine, so be aware of fakes and rip off’s.

Colour Changing Candle

I’ve wanted a new scented candle for my room for a few weeks now but kept forgetting to pick one up, so when I noticed a load of candles in Asda the other day I decided to pick one up. I soon noticed one of the Air Wick candles stated that it changed colour.

As a fan of colourful things I became interested so decided to try it out. They do about four different scents in this particular candle but I thought the ‘Precious Silk and Oriental Orchids’ scent smelt about the best as its a nice flowery scent and not too strong smelling like some of the others.

On the way home I couldn’t help but wonder how it changed colour. I thought it must have some special wax that reacts to heat to make it change and that it would change slowly. However after getting it home and lighting it I soon realised that there must definatley be lights inside due to how it changes so easily.

I still wasn’t 100% sure though. Mainly for the reason that I thought the heat from a candle would be too much and too dangerous to have so close to lights and batteries. Also to look at the candle when lit, you can’t see any outline of anything being inside of it. However looking up the candle on the Air Wick website confirmed that this is true.

As you can see from the short video clip below, it is so relaxing to have the light off and just watch it change, which is great to do after a stressful day at work.

It also smells great, and although it cost £3, as this was the same amount as a normal scented candle I felt it was worth it. Below is a picture of the packaging.

Greeny green

So I got a couple of those £5 off No. 7 that Boots are giving out at the moment and decided I might as well make use of them. In the end I decided on a couple of their coloured metallic eye liner pencils, as I’ve been trying out a few different eye liners recently and wanted some that weren’t black. They are usually £7.75 each, which I probably would never pay for an eye liner pencil, but with the vouchers I got them for just £2.75 each.

I got both the green and purple colour. I’m not much impressed with the purple, but I will save that one for a different kind of blog post I have planned.

However the green one I decided to try for work this morning and I have to say I was very impressed. I decided to try it out with a couple of the greenish colours in my 120 eye shadow palette that I recently bought off Ebay for less than £7, and which is just great. I also plan to do a separate post on my palette at a later date.

Anyways you can see a couple of pictures of how it looks below. I would like to point out that I didn’t have time to take pictures before going to work so I took them once I got home, which was about 10 hours later. I didn’t touch my make up at all since putting it on this morning, so you can see how long lasting it is.

I really love the colour, and the metallic shine to it. I was worried it wouldn’t look suitable enough for work before trying it, but it was fine in my opinion. I only use eye liner on my top lash line for work anyways. It was also really easy to apply. It went on nice and smoothly and was nice and bold with just one stroke of the pencil. With the £5 voucher I would say this was a great bargain.

It also went well with the top I wore for work today, and the nail colour I applied after cutting my nails last night. (one of them snapped from picking blu tack off the poster board at work, and I cant stand using different sized nails to type, so they unfortunately all had to come off lol)

This colour is from Asda’s George quick dry nail varnish and is only £1 a bottle. This makes them great for if you are not sure how the colour will look on your nails, or whether it will suit you. It is colour # 5 called ‘Under The Sea’, and has a similar finish to the eye liner also.

I’m interested in what other people who had vouchers bought with theirs? and what other N0. 7 products would you recommend for the next time they give out vouchers?

Leave in Hair Conditioner

I would say I have long hair, which I have to admit I’m quite lazy with. A wash and condition in the bath/shower every other day, then rub dry with the towel and a brush through, as well as a brush through every morning is all that I do with it. If its tied back its always in the same way and if I leave it down it’s left however it looks after brushing it through.

Even though when I was younger I went through a stage of using a lot of hairspray, I don’t do any of that any more. I don’t blow dry my hair and I don’t even own a pair of hair straighteners. I’ve also never dyed it, but that’s probably only because I prefer dark coloured hair anyways. However despite this I find that the ends of my hair can look quite dry, straw like and damaged. My hair is quite thin and flyaway also, so can look a bit frizzy at times. The ends are also a lot lighter than at the roots. While the roots are almost black, the ends are more brown and also have hints of red depending on how the light hits them, which also adds to the feel that it is damaged.

Whenever split ends start to appear I make sure that I give my ends a trim to snip them off and remove any further damage. Even though my hair looks shiny after washing, another problem is that my forehead and scalp near the forehead gets quite greasy. This ends up making the top of my hair greasy, dirty and it starts to clump together,  while the bottom is dry and clean. Although I do get the odd couple of dry flakes of scalp skin, the grease also seems to attract bits of dust and fluff as well, which makes it look worse because it looks like dandruff. This means I have to wash my hair at the very least every other day, even though other people that I know seem to be able to go longer that this and still have clean looking hair.

I’ve wanted the bottom of my hair to look better for ages now because I enjoy having my hair as long as it can be. I’ve heard about leave in conditioners and such, and decided that it was time to test one out. About a week after its last trim I was in Asda and spent at least 30 minutes in the hair isle looking through all the different products. My brothers were with me at the time  and were really impressed with this, NOT! lol. Their sighs of frustration every time I moved back down the isle to look at products I had already looked at were secretly quite funny because I knew they were dying to get me to the cake isle and talk me into getting them some blueberry muffins.

Anyways, in the end I decided to try out the Elvive damage care conditioning repair spray by L’Oreal as pictured below.

They have a few different types for different types of hair, but I felt this one would be the best choice for the problem I want to fix. After towel drying and brushing my hair through, I give just the bottom 3/4 of my hair a few sprays of the conditioner. I put on just enough to cover the hair, rather than go mad spraying on loads of it. Then on the day in between washing my hair I will spray on the same amount, normally a few hours before sleeping.

The good thing about it being in a spray form is that it is much easier to use and is mess free. One thing I absolutely love about this product is the smell. I’m not sure what it smells like, but I do know that it smells absolutely delicious and refreshing. It is also supposed to help your hair to detangle, but my hair is already brushed before I use it, so I can’t judge how well it lives up to this claim. However the claim that it is lightweight is true, as you can’t even tell you have put anything into your hair once it has dried, which doesn’t take more than a minute. Your hair feels as clean after using it as it did beforehand, which is great because I can’t stand products that leave you with a sticky feeling as it makes me feel sweaty.

I have only been using it for about two weeks and am pleased with the result so far. The ends of my hair already feel less dry and feels as silky as the top half does. However the colour of the ends hasn’t improved yet, but it is early days still and I assume that I’ll have to let that part probably grow out anyways. It is also still a little frizzy and flyaway. But as long as the bottom stops looking so damaged then I will be happy. I don’t expect this to be something that magically gets fixed completely overnight. From the results so far I feel that given time things will improve nicely. Even in a worst case scenario, its already better than not using any at all. I also feel that the price was fair, although when I brought it, it had been reduced a bit down to £3, making it the cheapest brand I could see on the shelves.

I am interested in opinions of anyone else who has used this product. Do you think it works well? If so how long did it take to get a result you were happy with? How often do you use it and how much do you use? If you do not like this product then what product would you recommend instead and why?