Leave in Hair Conditioner

I would say I have long hair, which I have to admit I’m quite lazy with. A wash and condition in the bath/shower every other day, then rub dry with the towel and a brush through, as well as a brush through every morning is all that I do with it. If its tied back its always in the same way and if I leave it down it’s left however it looks after brushing it through.

Even though when I was younger I went through a stage of using a lot of hairspray, I don’t do any of that any more. I don’t blow dry my hair and I don’t even own a pair of hair straighteners. I’ve also never dyed it, but that’s probably only because I prefer dark coloured hair anyways. However despite this I find that the ends of my hair can look quite dry, straw like and damaged. My hair is quite thin and flyaway also, so can look a bit frizzy at times. The ends are also a lot lighter than at the roots. While the roots are almost black, the ends are more brown and also have hints of red depending on how the light hits them, which also adds to the feel that it is damaged.

Whenever split ends start to appear I make sure that I give my ends a trim to snip them off and remove any further damage. Even though my hair looks shiny after washing, another problem is that my forehead and scalp near the forehead gets quite greasy. This ends up making the top of my hair greasy, dirty and it starts to clump together,  while the bottom is dry and clean. Although I do get the odd couple of dry flakes of scalp skin, the grease also seems to attract bits of dust and fluff as well, which makes it look worse because it looks like dandruff. This means I have to wash my hair at the very least every other day, even though other people that I know seem to be able to go longer that this and still have clean looking hair.

I’ve wanted the bottom of my hair to look better for ages now because I enjoy having my hair as long as it can be. I’ve heard about leave in conditioners and such, and decided that it was time to test one out. About a week after its last trim I was in Asda and spent at least 30 minutes in the hair isle looking through all the different products. My brothers were with me at the time  and were really impressed with this, NOT! lol. Their sighs of frustration every time I moved back down the isle to look at products I had already looked at were secretly quite funny because I knew they were dying to get me to the cake isle and talk me into getting them some blueberry muffins.

Anyways, in the end I decided to try out the Elvive damage care conditioning repair spray by L’Oreal as pictured below.

They have a few different types for different types of hair, but I felt this one would be the best choice for the problem I want to fix. After towel drying and brushing my hair through, I give just the bottom 3/4 of my hair a few sprays of the conditioner. I put on just enough to cover the hair, rather than go mad spraying on loads of it. Then on the day in between washing my hair I will spray on the same amount, normally a few hours before sleeping.

The good thing about it being in a spray form is that it is much easier to use and is mess free. One thing I absolutely love about this product is the smell. I’m not sure what it smells like, but I do know that it smells absolutely delicious and refreshing. It is also supposed to help your hair to detangle, but my hair is already brushed before I use it, so I can’t judge how well it lives up to this claim. However the claim that it is lightweight is true, as you can’t even tell you have put anything into your hair once it has dried, which doesn’t take more than a minute. Your hair feels as clean after using it as it did beforehand, which is great because I can’t stand products that leave you with a sticky feeling as it makes me feel sweaty.

I have only been using it for about two weeks and am pleased with the result so far. The ends of my hair already feel less dry and feels as silky as the top half does. However the colour of the ends hasn’t improved yet, but it is early days still and I assume that I’ll have to let that part probably grow out anyways. It is also still a little frizzy and flyaway. But as long as the bottom stops looking so damaged then I will be happy. I don’t expect this to be something that magically gets fixed completely overnight. From the results so far I feel that given time things will improve nicely. Even in a worst case scenario, its already better than not using any at all. I also feel that the price was fair, although when I brought it, it had been reduced a bit down to £3, making it the cheapest brand I could see on the shelves.

I am interested in opinions of anyone else who has used this product. Do you think it works well? If so how long did it take to get a result you were happy with? How often do you use it and how much do you use? If you do not like this product then what product would you recommend instead and why?


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