Greeny green

So I got a couple of those £5 off No. 7 that Boots are giving out at the moment and decided I might as well make use of them. In the end I decided on a couple of their coloured metallic eye liner pencils, as I’ve been trying out a few different eye liners recently and wanted some that weren’t black. They are usually £7.75 each, which I probably would never pay for an eye liner pencil, but with the vouchers I got them for just £2.75 each.

I got both the green and purple colour. I’m not much impressed with the purple, but I will save that one for a different kind of blog post I have planned.

However the green one I decided to try for work this morning and I have to say I was very impressed. I decided to try it out with a couple of the greenish colours in my 120 eye shadow palette that I recently bought off Ebay for less than £7, and which is just great. I also plan to do a separate post on my palette at a later date.

Anyways you can see a couple of pictures of how it looks below. I would like to point out that I didn’t have time to take pictures before going to work so I took them once I got home, which was about 10 hours later. I didn’t touch my make up at all since putting it on this morning, so you can see how long lasting it is.

I really love the colour, and the metallic shine to it. I was worried it wouldn’t look suitable enough for work before trying it, but it was fine in my opinion. I only use eye liner on my top lash line for work anyways. It was also really easy to apply. It went on nice and smoothly and was nice and bold with just one stroke of the pencil. With the £5 voucher I would say this was a great bargain.

It also went well with the top I wore for work today, and the nail colour I applied after cutting my nails last night. (one of them snapped from picking blu tack off the poster board at work, and I cant stand using different sized nails to type, so they unfortunately all had to come off lol)

This colour is from Asda’s George quick dry nail varnish and is only £1 a bottle. This makes them great for if you are not sure how the colour will look on your nails, or whether it will suit you. It is colour # 5 called ‘Under The Sea’, and has a similar finish to the eye liner also.

I’m interested in what other people who had vouchers bought with theirs? and what other N0. 7 products would you recommend for the next time they give out vouchers?


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