120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

I was looking at eye shadows on ebay a couple of months ago and came across some palettes of 120 colours. When I saw that it only cost less than £7 in total for the entire palette, I just couldn’t resist trying one. After all you can spend more than that on about 4 different colours and with this you get 120! The price did make me a bit dubious about the quality of the product, but I felt the risk was worth the cost.

The palette is in a nice simple black case, and when opened you can lift the top layer of 80 colours off using the ribbon and place it in the lid to get to the bottom layer.

As you can see from the pictures, two of the shadows broke whilst it was in the post, however it did come from overseas, so I am sure it would have got thrown around a lot in transit. In my opinion it had been packaged well and I’m not the type to complain about 2/120. The palette had a sleeve of bubble wrap around it and then was placed in it’s box. The envelope used was also one of those bubble wrap envelopes. On top of each layer of shadows there was also a sheet of plastic to help keep everything together.

I have seen on the internet that it is quite easy to fix broken eye shadows, but in the end I decided to leave it as it is. I’ve been replacing the plastic sheets and the bubble wrap sleeve after use anyways and that seems to do the trick of stopping the broken ones from spilling out. Since having it I have had it moved about in a suitcase and sat on it while a bit tipsy and it has survived that also.

The fact that it came from overseas also meant that it took about 1 month to arrive. Although it was agony to wait so long it was completely worth it in the end as I am very pleased with the product overall. I have even ordered another one since as a backup.

Although I have not yet experimented with all the different colours anywhere near as much as I would have liked to by now, the pigmentation so far has been great. Although I have noticed the level of pigmentation does vary a bit between shadows, the colour application is good overall.  One of the darker green colours was actually a lot more pigmented than I expected it to be.

The shades of colours are also greatly spread out across the colour spectrum making it a good all rounder. I have seen palettes of 80 or so colours where all the colours are different shades of neutral tones. I’m the type of person who likes a lot of colour. The good thing about this palette is that it has varying shades of all the different colours you can think of, but it also has neutral shades for natural looks as well as darker shades for smoky eyed looks.

This means that you have limitless options in terms of the different looks that you can create and are only limited by your imagination. I have not tried using more than two colours at once so far, but I have found that they do blend together nicely. I feel now that the only thing restricting me is my lack of good brushes so I think I should invest in some soon.

I also love the fact that all the colours you could ever need are in one place, making them easy to access. I have found myself getting up earlier for work just so that I can spend time thinking about what colours I want to try that day. It has also made me want to take more care over applying my eye colour, rather than the quick 2 second throw one boring colour on because I’m running late for work that it previously was. Having something to put my mind off dreading going to work in the morning is more than welcome in my opinion lol.

As well as having a wide range of colours, there are also several finished in the palette. These include shimmery shadows, more matte shadows and a few marbled shadows. This makes the versatility of the palette huge. I feel like I will never need any other eye shadow again as I already have everything I need. The shadows have also so far been very long lasting and durable. In one of my previous posts where I am wearing shadows from this palette, I have pictures that were taken around 11 hours after applying the shadow. This was because I didn’t have time to take the pictures before work, but even after wearing them all day they hadn’t started to crease or fade at all.

This palette is easily my favourite makeup product that I own just because of the range of colours and versatility that it offers. If I had to think of something negative about it, it is that they smell a bit different to any other eye shadows I have smelt before. I know that’s a weird comment to make lol, but it’s true. It was also unfortunate that two of them got broken in the post. However when you think about everything that is great with the palette and it’s value money, it is a complete bargain that I would recommend to everyone. Just think how much it would cost to buy these many colours separatley?

If you search ‘Pro 120 Palette’ on ebay you will find the same palette as mine, for varying prices. I got mine for less than £7 and there is no logo on the packaging. I have seen the exact palettes on ebay with well known brand logos printed on the front going for much higher prices.  I saw one listing claiming the palette was by MAC and asking for £60, but you could easily see from the images that it was identical to mine, so be aware of fakes and rip off’s.


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