Online Shopping Spree

Work has been a bit more depressing than usual this week, so I decided to put my mind off things by going on a mad online shopping spree and spending more than I normally would. I had also booked the last three days of this week off work about a month back, although at one point it came close to me having to reschedule it. However I think picking these particular days was quite lucky, not only because I doubt I would have got through an entire week without going crazy, but also because I’ve developed a cold. It’s a sign that summer is now over I guess, although we don’t really get much of a summer in the UK anyways lol.

I spent the entire morning eagerly waiting for the postman, but gave up at about 1pm and figured he wouldn’t show up today. After all I thought post people delivered in the morning lol. However less than 30 mins later I was gladly proved wrong. 2 out of 3 of my packages arrived today. One was from Barry M and the other from an ebay seller. The only thing left to come is the most expensive purchase. One of Nail Inc’s new magnetic varnishes that I’m desperate to try. However I ordered it from Amazon as there was a free postage option there, and the expected delivery date is longer than the others.

I decided to open the smallest ebay parcel first. A butterfly ear cuff. I randomly came across ear cuffs when browsing the internet the other night and thought they looked quite cool. I like butterflies so decided on getting a butterfly one in the end, although I did see a froggy one that was nice also.

The good thing about it is that no piercing is required to wear it, and so there won’t be any holes on show when you’re in a situation where it would not be suitable to wear such a thing, for example at work. It also meant I didn’t have to go out and get my ear pierced before I could try it out lol. I guess that makes me sound quite lazy lol. I do like to make my own jewellery in my spare time, but haven’t had chance to for the past few months due to work.  I’ve been wondering about trying to make one of my own with some small beads on. I think it would be a nice project to try when I get the chance.

My 2nd package to open is the Barry M one. I had a few email updates from them recently advertising their new foil nail effect varnishes as well as their new crackle nail effect colours. However I haven’t seen any of them in my local Boots yet, and have been really interested in trying out the foil effect varnishes so decided to buy both of them online. Their current colours are gold and silver, which are numbers 320 and 319 respectively.

When looking on their website for their postage charges, it was only a little bit extra for orders over £10 so thought it would be better to get quite a few things at once. So I decided to try out some of the other crackle colours. I already own the black and the white crackles. However in the end I decided to just get all the other colours that I don’t have. They are the blue #315 and pink #314, as well as their two new colours gold #321 and purple #322.

The pink and blue look solid in colour, whereas the gold and purple look quite shimmery. At first I was a bit stuck as to which I should try out first, but my mom let me experiment with all of them on her nails. The blue went quite nicley with the silver foil effect, but the gold crackle is a bit more translucent than I had expected. I tried it against the silver foil varnish but it was hard to see. I think it would most probably show up better with darker colours as a base.

For my own nails I decided that I would alternate between both of the foil varnishes. The best thing that I noticed about these is that they applied quite well and evenly across the nail. Just one coat was perfect as you can see below. They also do look nice and shiny and metallic just like the label ‘foil’ would suggest. When painting them I was worried they would look quite streaky, but now that they are dry they look great.

I decided to finish my nails off with the purple crackle. Purple is one of my favourite colours after all and I liked the fact that it was shimmery as well. As with all the crackle colours, they dry quite matte. This meant that when like this you can’t see the shimmer much, which I was a bit disappointed about at first. However that was soon fixed once I got around to adding my top coat. It is a nice deep purple crackle, although I think I secretly wish the shimmer in it was a bit more noticeable even with a glossy top coat on top.

The only problem was that I think I should have waited a bit longer before putting the crackle on. This is because on one of my thumbs the crackle seemed to pull the foil effect underneath apart slightly as it dried. However it is not too noticeable. One other thing I have noticed with the Barry M crackle varnishes is that my nails have lasted a little bit longer than they normally do, although it doesn’t take the ring binders and such at work long to chip them.

When purchasing these varnishes there was also an option to request a free brochure which I just couldn’t say no to. So I’ve got something nice to look through later tonight. I like looking at pictures of things lol.


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