Happy Halloween Nails

So this week I decided to do some pumpkin nails in order to celebrate Halloween. I used a bright orange colour for the main nail colour. Then I used a green nail art bottle (the kind with the thin needle like end on it) for the stalk and black for the faces. My nails are a little long to look pumpkin shaped, but I didn’t want to cut them yet and I’m pleased with how they turned out anyways. What do you think?


Cupcake Nails

So last week sometime I was watching random vids on Youtube and I noticed a girl with cupcake nails which I thought looked cool. So I decided I just had to try them out for myself. You can  see what I came up with in the pics below.

I also found a little pot of this really nice looking glitter in my room when tidying up last week and thought it would look good over the icing. However it was sooo messy lol. Using glittery nail varnish is so much easier than sprinkling your own on. It was all stuck to my fingertips and wouldn’t wash off.

They didn’t come out as neat as I would have liked, but people at work could tell what they were lol, so for a first attempt I think they are ok. I have a few ideas of how to make it look better the next time around anyways. I think making it look like the icing is hanging over the top of the case would look neater than drawing the top of the case like I did. Also perhaps adding a dot of white to the cherry to make it look shiny as well as doing different coloured icings for each nail.

What do you think?

Nail Varnish – George V No. 7

So I was tidying up my makeup this weekend and organising things a bit better. When I was going through my nail varnishes I couldn’t help notice how similar the bottles were for my cheap George Nail varnish and the more expensive No. 7 varnish. In fact I would say the bottles are identical except that there is slightly more glass at the bottom of the No. 7 bottle.

Now I know the bottle that your nail varnish comes in has nothing to do with the quality of the product inside. Nevertheless it put me in the mood for doing a brief comparison of them both.

Size: The George varnish states a volume of 5ml, whereas the No. 7 is only 4ml. Despite the bottles looking the same I am guessing this is partly due to the thicker amount of glass in the base of their bottle. Smaller bottles are good for if your’e not sure if the colour will suit you I guess. But I find because there is less in the bottle it starts to go gloopy quicker. Also buying a smaller bottle for the sole reason to try a colour out is only good if the cost is low I guess. This brings us onto the next comparison.

Price: When I bought the George varnish earlier this year it only cost £1 a bottle, which was a bargain. However since then it has gone up to £1.75 a bottle, which is still a fair price, or you can get 2 bottles for £2.50. The No. 7 however costs £7.00 a bottle. Seeing as it is only for 4ml of varnish, this is quite expensive in my opinion. This means that per 1ml you are paying £1.75. If you compare this to brands such as Nails Inc, you will see that it is even more expensive than their nail colours. A standard bottle of Nails Inc varnish currently costs £11 for a 10ml bottle, meaning that per 1ml you pay £1.10

Consistency:  I found the consistency for both varnishes were near enough the same and are they are slightly thicker than other nail varnish brands that I have tried. For the George ones I assumed that this is part of their attempt to make it quick drying. However I found that some of the darker colours for the George ones are thinner.

Application: Due to the consistency, I found that for both brands, you need to make sure your brush is loaded up with varnish well and it has to be applied thicker than I would like. Otherwise it starts to dry before you can finish the nail and then you end up making a mess as the brush will pull more off the nail than apply it.  I would say the George varnishes are slightly worse for this than the No. 7 ones. For both two coats of colour was needed. However for some of the darker George colours, you need to apply more coats to stop it looking so transparent on the nail. This is probably due to its thinner consistency.

Durability: I’ve never been very good at not chipping my nail colour so it is hard for me to make a fair comment in this area I guess. On a work day I would have chipped at least one of my index fingernails before lunchtime the day after painting them. Whereas when I have a couple of days off or if it’s a weekend it will take me a couple more days to chip them. Both the George and No. 7 varnishes seemed both as good as each other in terms of durability. My most used fingers chipped quickly like expected, whereas the little finger didn’t chip at all by the time I wanted to repaint them for both brands.

Lifespan: I find that both brands start to dry out quickly when compared to others. I think this is partly due to their smaller size. Just like a smaller cup of water would dry up quicker than a bigger one. The annoying thing about this is that by the time you get to about the 7th nail, no matter how much varnish you put on your brush, it has started to go too gloopy inside the bottle to paint with so you have to give it a shake for a bit before you can continue. However I think the George varnishes were slightly worse with this problem than the No. 7 ones.

Finish: The finish from both brands are good. The colour you get on the nail is what you would expect from looking at it in the bottle. They both dry glossy before adding your topcoat. I don’t know if the No. 7 range have any matte colours, but the George ones do. However with these I find it harder to get an even distribution of colour across the nail so sometimes it can look a little patchy when dried.

Does it do what it says on the bottle: For both brands my answer to this would be no. The No. 7 varnish is supposed to be ‘stay perfect’ and long wearing. However for me it chipped just as quickly, if not quicker than any other brand that I have tried in the past. As for the George varnish it is supposed to be quick dry. Now in a sense it is quick drying, as it starts to dry before you have even finished the nail you are on. However it will then stay tacky and soft for hours meaning that there is risk of ruining your nails for ages after painting them, which for me is inevitable. You wouldn’t realise how much you use your nails until they are wet lol. I usually have to paint them and then go to bed so that I don’t need to use my hands.  Therefore, to me this completely cancels out any quick drying that it does.

In conclusion the quality of the No. 7 isn’t anything more special that the George nail varnish in my opinion, although they both have their pros and cons. You can slightly see why the George brand is the cheaper of the two however, but it doesn’t really justify why the No. 7 brand costs so much considerably more other than the brand name on the bottle. There are other brands that I prefer a lot more to both of these brands, and that are more affordable than the N0. 7 varnish. However if I had no choice but to pick between these two brands I would go for the George one. Now I am in no way against N0. 7 products. I absolutely love their metallic eye liner pencils. It’s just that their nail varnishes do not do anything for me unfortunately.

Magnetised Nails

Nails Inc have recently bought out a new type of nail effect varnish called magnetic effect polish. It works by using a magnet to pull the metal in the polish into a cool effect. I wouldn’t normally buy a Nails Inc polish at full price as their polishes are quite expensive in my opinion. These magnetic effect polishes even more so at £13 a bottle. However when I saw the effect that they create, I just couldn’t help treat myself to a bottle. As soon as mine arrived I just had to test it out, which you can see below.

I ordered mine from Amazon as they had a free postage option available. So far there are 3 different colours available. A silver, gold and purple colour. As purple is one of my most favourite colours I decided to go for that one. The official name for this colour is ‘Houses of Parliament’. A friend from work mentioned that she thinks the silver coloured one reminds her of a raccoon lol.

The effect is quite easy to create. The lid is in two parts so that the brush doesn’t dry up while you use the magnet, which I’m glad they decided to do. You paint all your nails first with one coat and let them dry. Then for the second coat paint them one nail at a time. Make sure you paint each nail generously, and then immediately hold the magnet over the nail for about 10 seconds or so. The lid has a ridge to place above your cuticle to help position the magnet in the right place. The above picture shows how the effect looks when using the magnet the way it is meant to be used. However you can also try it in different directions for different effects like in the image below.

Other than the pattern created, I also love the fact that as you move your nails in the light, the effect moves slightly due to how the light reflects off the metal particles in the polish. It reminds me a bit of those hologram images you might get in kids books and things. It looks even better if you apply a nice shiny clear top coat as well, which I would recommend doing as it can feel a bit dull otherwise. One thing I also noticed is that it became touch dry quite quickly, which may partly be due to the fact that it needs to create and hold the effect in place quickly.  Overall I’m loving the whole nail effect craze at the moment because they are so effortless. I always get comments from people at work wanting to know what I’ve got on my nails each week lol.

However the main problem I found with this polish, is that because the magnet is flat, and your finger nail curves around your finger, that the magnet does not always reach to the sides as far as I would like it to. Although when looking at them from above it is not that noticeable. This also means that for me at least, because my thumbnail is the widest, that it is harder to create the effect much on that nail. Perhaps if the magnet could be curved slightly and still produce the same effect then this would help improve this problem.

You also need to be careful when holding the magnet over the nail. You want to get it as close to the nail as possible, but not touch the nail. The ridge on the lid helps this, but I still ended up touching one or two nails still lol. However this is probably just me trying to get it really close to my nail though.

Lastly the price tag is quite high for me, otherwise I probably would have gotten all of the colours. However I’ve seen other magnetic polish brands on the internet. So if the price is off putting to you as well I’m sure you can find a cheaper alternative. Either way if you’re in to different nail effects like me I would definatley recommend giving this look a go.


Since as long as I can remember I’ve always had a problem with stubbly looking eyebrows, and I have to pluck them at least every other day as they grow back so quickly. Part of the problem is even after plucking you can still see some black dots from hairs. This is because my hair is quite dark and so you can see the hairs when they are just under the skin and yet to grow through. Also because the tweezers I used to use were so old and cheap, this meant you couldn’t grip half of the hairs anyways.

So I decided it was about time I invested in some decent tweezers. After looking around on the internet, I decided on some by a brand called Tweezerman. This was because from the comments I seen online, they seemed about the best. The ones I got are pictured below.

Now in my opinion these were quite expensive. Around £10 I paid for these. However due to the reviews online and the fact that I figured they can’t be any worse than my existing ones, so I will be using these for years to come, I decided to go for it and buy them.

I’ve been using these for a month or two now and I have to say overall I am pleased with them. They are quite effective, and they can grab the shortest hairs that are very close to the surface of the skin, which has helped me reduce the stubbly look quite a lot although not completely. Also the overall look and feel of them shows that they are high quality. They are quite sharp and also easy to clean off and are stainless steel.

However, as they are quite sharp, and because I can be quite rough with my skin at times, I find I am more prone to plucking away bits of skin along with the hairs. This means that the skin can get a little dry around the area so I have to make sure I moisturise well there. You also have to make sure you wipe any hairs that get stuck in between the ends quite often to ensure they are able to continually  grab eyebrow hairs effectivley.

Despite this, overall I am glad I purchased them and I have even had someone at work mention that my eyebrows look better lol.

I have also thought about alternatives to plucking to see if I prefer them but I am unsure which products/methods are good to try, whilst remaining cost effective. Any suggestions are welcome.

Handmade Ear Cuffs

So I decided to have a go at making my own ear cuffs. Now I firstly need to warn you that I have never been any good at making jewellery that involved wire wrapping of any sort. I got quite frustrated with trying to get the wire to go how I wanted it to lol. Anyways you can see how they turned out below.

I wanted something with beads and a bit of movement, which is why I made this green one.

I also decided to use one of the buttons left over from when I made a button bracelet back in January to make something a bit plainer, but quite different at the same time.

What do you think?