Since as long as I can remember I’ve always had a problem with stubbly looking eyebrows, and I have to pluck them at least every other day as they grow back so quickly. Part of the problem is even after plucking you can still see some black dots from hairs. This is because my hair is quite dark and so you can see the hairs when they are just under the skin and yet to grow through. Also because the tweezers I used to use were so old and cheap, this meant you couldn’t grip half of the hairs anyways.

So I decided it was about time I invested in some decent tweezers. After looking around on the internet, I decided on some by a brand called Tweezerman. This was because from the comments I seen online, they seemed about the best. The ones I got are pictured below.

Now in my opinion these were quite expensive. Around £10 I paid for these. However due to the reviews online and the fact that I figured they can’t be any worse than my existing ones, so I will be using these for years to come, I decided to go for it and buy them.

I’ve been using these for a month or two now and I have to say overall I am pleased with them. They are quite effective, and they can grab the shortest hairs that are very close to the surface of the skin, which has helped me reduce the stubbly look quite a lot although not completely. Also the overall look and feel of them shows that they are high quality. They are quite sharp and also easy to clean off and are stainless steel.

However, as they are quite sharp, and because I can be quite rough with my skin at times, I find I am more prone to plucking away bits of skin along with the hairs. This means that the skin can get a little dry around the area so I have to make sure I moisturise well there. You also have to make sure you wipe any hairs that get stuck in between the ends quite often to ensure they are able to continually  grab eyebrow hairs effectivley.

Despite this, overall I am glad I purchased them and I have even had someone at work mention that my eyebrows look better lol.

I have also thought about alternatives to plucking to see if I prefer them but I am unsure which products/methods are good to try, whilst remaining cost effective. Any suggestions are welcome.


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