Magnetised Nails

Nails Inc have recently bought out a new type of nail effect varnish called magnetic effect polish. It works by using a magnet to pull the metal in the polish into a cool effect. I wouldn’t normally buy a Nails Inc polish at full price as their polishes are quite expensive in my opinion. These magnetic effect polishes even more so at £13 a bottle. However when I saw the effect that they create, I just couldn’t help treat myself to a bottle. As soon as mine arrived I just had to test it out, which you can see below.

I ordered mine from Amazon as they had a free postage option available. So far there are 3 different colours available. A silver, gold and purple colour. As purple is one of my most favourite colours I decided to go for that one. The official name for this colour is ‘Houses of Parliament’. A friend from work mentioned that she thinks the silver coloured one reminds her of a raccoon lol.

The effect is quite easy to create. The lid is in two parts so that the brush doesn’t dry up while you use the magnet, which I’m glad they decided to do. You paint all your nails first with one coat and let them dry. Then for the second coat paint them one nail at a time. Make sure you paint each nail generously, and then immediately hold the magnet over the nail for about 10 seconds or so. The lid has a ridge to place above your cuticle to help position the magnet in the right place. The above picture shows how the effect looks when using the magnet the way it is meant to be used. However you can also try it in different directions for different effects like in the image below.

Other than the pattern created, I also love the fact that as you move your nails in the light, the effect moves slightly due to how the light reflects off the metal particles in the polish. It reminds me a bit of those hologram images you might get in kids books and things. It looks even better if you apply a nice shiny clear top coat as well, which I would recommend doing as it can feel a bit dull otherwise. One thing I also noticed is that it became touch dry quite quickly, which may partly be due to the fact that it needs to create and hold the effect in place quickly.  Overall I’m loving the whole nail effect craze at the moment because they are so effortless. I always get comments from people at work wanting to know what I’ve got on my nails each week lol.

However the main problem I found with this polish, is that because the magnet is flat, and your finger nail curves around your finger, that the magnet does not always reach to the sides as far as I would like it to. Although when looking at them from above it is not that noticeable. This also means that for me at least, because my thumbnail is the widest, that it is harder to create the effect much on that nail. Perhaps if the magnet could be curved slightly and still produce the same effect then this would help improve this problem.

You also need to be careful when holding the magnet over the nail. You want to get it as close to the nail as possible, but not touch the nail. The ridge on the lid helps this, but I still ended up touching one or two nails still lol. However this is probably just me trying to get it really close to my nail though.

Lastly the price tag is quite high for me, otherwise I probably would have gotten all of the colours. However I’ve seen other magnetic polish brands on the internet. So if the price is off putting to you as well I’m sure you can find a cheaper alternative. Either way if you’re in to different nail effects like me I would definatley recommend giving this look a go.


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