Eye Rainbow

So since I got my 120 palette I’ve been experimenting a lot with the different colours and combinations. A lot of the time, especially for work, I base the colours on the colours I’ll be wearing for clothing or jewellery that day. I’ve always been a fan of colour and find nude shades just too boring for me. With some of the darker/bolder shades I was a bit hesitant at first in regards to wearing them for work, so I was quite surprised on how many people have made positive comments on my eye shadow at work recently, including my boss lol. There’s also a few people at work that now ask me to show what my eyelids are wearing on a regular basis. The eye shadows I used to use beforehand were always much lighter and less pigmented shades and so they were not as ‘eye catching’ as now.

I wanted to share some of the different combinations I’ve managed to remember to take pictures of to show off just how versatile the palette is. I would definatley recommend this or something similar to anyone and I can’t imagine being without it now. Most of these were created very easily and only use two different colours. Unlike in some of the pictures below, for work I do not put any Kohl pencil or shadow under my lower lash line. I also want to apologise for the quality of a couple of the images as my brother’s camera was not available on those days so I had to use my mobile instead.

This last picture is an old one from before I got my palette. I wanted to post it as a comparison to the less noticeable shades I used to wear.

In the future I also plan to do a post of different nail looks I’ve done in the past as well as a post on different jewellery that I have made.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Bonfire Night!

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