Last Weeks Nails

I like to redo my nails once a week, normally last thing on a Sunday night so that they get time to dry before I have chance to mess them up lol. I just wanted to share the ones I did for this week as even though they are very plain, I quite like how they turned out.

The two colours I used are both from Barry M. Berry Ice Cream, which is a light purple and Dusky Muave, which is a dark brownish purple colour with purple shimmer inside.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the Dusky Mauve colour. When in the bottle it looks all nice and shimmery, but once dried on the nail you can barley see any shimmer, if any. You really have to look hard to see it and even then it depended on the light you was under. I would have really liked the shimmer to be  a lot more noticeable. Also the colour dried a lot darker than how it looks in the bottle. But I think I actually prefer it in the dried shade.

Does anyone else have this colour from Barry M, and if so did you feel the same way as I did. I’m interested to know if the shimmer really does fade away this much for everyone or if I just got unlucky. I wonder if it’s because I applied too many coats.

Anyways I hope you like the pictures.


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