Purple Snow Nails

So below you can see the nail look I came up with using the new limited edition nail paints from Barry M. The aim was to achieve a gradient type effect with the silver glitter. I hope you like it.

Barry M nail paints used:

  • #142 Lilac Foil
  • #146 Vivid Purple
  • #140 Silver Glitter

Whilst I absolutely love the colour of the lilac foil. I think the effect this look created looks best against the vivid purple. I also love how the vivid purple has some hidden shimmer in it when you look under certain lighting. The shimmery finish to this is how I was hoping their dusky mauve colour would look on the nail.

To apply the silver glitter I used a makeup sponge to sponge it on and build up the effect in layers so that the highest concentration of glitter was at the tips.


Superdrug and Boots Limited Edition Barry M Nail Paints (Dec 2011)

A few weeks ago I saw online that Superdrug would be having a limited edition Barry M nail paint in Lilac Foil effect (#142). I absolutely love their other two foil colours, and purple shades are also my most favourite of colours anyway. Due to this ever since I found out about it I have been desperate to get my hands on a bottle. As far as I am aware it costs £3.99 to buy alone, or if you spend over £6 on other Barry M items then you can get it for free.

Unfortunately however, we have not had a Superdrug near here for a few years now and the nearest place where I know there is one, you have to pay for parking anyway. Due to this I decided to risk waiting a little bit to see how much people would start selling them for on Ebay. In the end I managed to get myself a bottle for £4.99 on Ebay. This is only £1 more than its actual price, and when you think about the car parking and diesel costs it would have cost me to actually go to a Superdrug, I feel I did quite well.

Then yesterday I was up our local shopping centre with my mom and we went into Boots to have a look around. I was mostly interested in seeing what kinds of Christmas gifts they had in there. However we also had a look at the cosmetics and I noticed they also had a limited edition nail paint on offer in a Silver glitter effect(#140). They also had the offer of buying it alone or getting it for free when you spend over £6 on Barry M.

I decided to get it for free so picked myself up another nail paint in Vivid Purple (#146). Ever since I’ve had the purple crackle effect I’ve wanted a normal nail varnish in the same colour and this looks exactly that in the bottle. I also, believe it or not picked up my very first Barry M dazzle dust. This was in Pale Silver (#9). As much as I love Barry M products and am always using their nail paints (after all they are the only nail varnish that I can wear a week without it chipping and is a bargain compared to some brands), I have never tried one of their dazzle dusts before. I guess this was mainly because they seem like they could be quite messy and my old eye shadows and 120 palette cover most of the colours I need anyways. However as I use a lot of silver colours, usually in the inner corners and then team it up with a colour in the rest of the eyelid, I decided to give one a try. I’ve heard good things about their dazzle dusts so I’m sure I’ll be pleased.

In conclusion, I absolutely love the lilac foil. A lot of people comment on how you can see the brush strokes if you look close. However I like to think of it as part of the effect, because if you make sure the strokes go in a straight line from the bottom to the tip across the nail then it gives a kind of aluminium looking finish to it. As for the silver glitter, while it is not as impressive or special, I can definatley think of a few ways of how it can be used along with other nail varnishes to make some nice looks. I also think it has quite a Christmas feel to it. I plan on using both of these nail polishes together for a look, which will probably be what my next blog post is about. In the above pictures I applied two quick coats of each and there is no topcoat.

Flower Power Nails

I was browsing nail art ideas last month and came across a video tutorial where the girl used dotting tools to make a lovely yet simple flower design. You can view the tutorial here.

In the past when I’ve wanted a small dot or something I’ve just used the thin needle like end on those nail art bottles you can get (the kind with the long thin brushes for doing lines and things) but the problem is the circle does not always come out uniform. I’ve also tried cocktail sticks and things,  but after watching the tutorial it got me interested in actually investing in some proper dotting tools. After having a look on Ebay and seeing that they are cheap to buy anyways, I decided on the ones in the below picture. A set of 5 double ended tools with a few different sizes, that cost only £1.05 in total and arrived last week.

So when I was doing my nails last Sunday I just had to try them out. I didn’t do them exactly like the tutorial I watched, but they were certainly inspired by them, so I felt it was only fair to link to where I got the idea from. You can see how they turned out below.

If you’ve seen my other nail photos, then don’t be too alarmed by how short my nails now are. I broke my thumb nail last Saturday, and as I really can’t stand how they feel when they are all different lengths, I decided to cut them all down and start over with them. To be fair that nail was starting to break for several weeks now, but I had been trying to hold it together with nail strengthener and layers of nail varnish lol. Also due to this there was really only room to fit one flower on each nail but I still think they came out good. It’s strange but my hands always feel child like for a few days after cutting them, and I start to remember how easy it is to type with short nails lol.

I really like the idea of using two colours for the petals using two different sized dots. It’s such an easy way to make the flower look detailed. The colours I used were Strawberry Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream and Coral all by Barry M. The white was an old one I got from ASDA. I can’t wait to try out more kinds of designs with my dotting tools, and I think even plain ideas would look good. I’m thinking of trying out a glossy nail with matte polka dots at some point, as I am yet to try out the matte top coat I got recently.

Anyways I hope you like the pics!

Poundland Nails

So I was in Poundland the other day and I noticed some nail art gems. I’ve never really used nail art gems before, because with how I use my nails I didn’t expect them to last very long. But seeing as they were only £1 I just couldn’t resist giving them a go. As you can see in the picture below, you get quite a good selection of different ones as well as a good amount of each in a lot of different shapes and colours.

Below you can see my first design using them. The nail varnish itself is similar to what I wore the previous week, except in different colours. I used a black by Barry M as well as their silver foil effect before attaching the gems. To stick them on I used topcoat as glue and then put a generous layer of topcoat over the whole thing afterwards.

I was able to wear them a total of four days before the first gem fell off so they stayed on better than I expected. Even a week later I still have 6 nails with all gems on.  One nail of which I have broken. That also means that when I change my nail colour later I’ll cut my nails down too as I can’t stand them all different lengths lol.

Anyways hope you like, cya.