Flower Power Nails

I was browsing nail art ideas last month and came across a video tutorial where the girl used dotting tools to make a lovely yet simple flower design. You can view the tutorial here.

In the past when I’ve wanted a small dot or something I’ve just used the thin needle like end on those nail art bottles you can get (the kind with the long thin brushes for doing lines and things) but the problem is the circle does not always come out uniform. I’ve also tried cocktail sticks and things,  but after watching the tutorial it got me interested in actually investing in some proper dotting tools. After having a look on Ebay and seeing that they are cheap to buy anyways, I decided on the ones in the below picture. A set of 5 double ended tools with a few different sizes, that cost only £1.05 in total and arrived last week.

So when I was doing my nails last Sunday I just had to try them out. I didn’t do them exactly like the tutorial I watched, but they were certainly inspired by them, so I felt it was only fair to link to where I got the idea from. You can see how they turned out below.

If you’ve seen my other nail photos, then don’t be too alarmed by how short my nails now are. I broke my thumb nail last Saturday, and as I really can’t stand how they feel when they are all different lengths, I decided to cut them all down and start over with them. To be fair that nail was starting to break for several weeks now, but I had been trying to hold it together with nail strengthener and layers of nail varnish lol. Also due to this there was really only room to fit one flower on each nail but I still think they came out good. It’s strange but my hands always feel child like for a few days after cutting them, and I start to remember how easy it is to type with short nails lol.

I really like the idea of using two colours for the petals using two different sized dots. It’s such an easy way to make the flower look detailed. The colours I used were Strawberry Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream and Coral all by Barry M. The white was an old one I got from ASDA. I can’t wait to try out more kinds of designs with my dotting tools, and I think even plain ideas would look good. I’m thinking of trying out a glossy nail with matte polka dots at some point, as I am yet to try out the matte top coat I got recently.

Anyways I hope you like the pics!


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