Superdrug and Boots Limited Edition Barry M Nail Paints (Dec 2011)

A few weeks ago I saw online that Superdrug would be having a limited edition Barry M nail paint in Lilac Foil effect (#142). I absolutely love their other two foil colours, and purple shades are also my most favourite of colours anyway. Due to this ever since I found out about it I have been desperate to get my hands on a bottle. As far as I am aware it costs £3.99 to buy alone, or if you spend over £6 on other Barry M items then you can get it for free.

Unfortunately however, we have not had a Superdrug near here for a few years now and the nearest place where I know there is one, you have to pay for parking anyway. Due to this I decided to risk waiting a little bit to see how much people would start selling them for on Ebay. In the end I managed to get myself a bottle for £4.99 on Ebay. This is only £1 more than its actual price, and when you think about the car parking and diesel costs it would have cost me to actually go to a Superdrug, I feel I did quite well.

Then yesterday I was up our local shopping centre with my mom and we went into Boots to have a look around. I was mostly interested in seeing what kinds of Christmas gifts they had in there. However we also had a look at the cosmetics and I noticed they also had a limited edition nail paint on offer in a Silver glitter effect(#140). They also had the offer of buying it alone or getting it for free when you spend over £6 on Barry M.

I decided to get it for free so picked myself up another nail paint in Vivid Purple (#146). Ever since I’ve had the purple crackle effect I’ve wanted a normal nail varnish in the same colour and this looks exactly that in the bottle. I also, believe it or not picked up my very first Barry M dazzle dust. This was in Pale Silver (#9). As much as I love Barry M products and am always using their nail paints (after all they are the only nail varnish that I can wear a week without it chipping and is a bargain compared to some brands), I have never tried one of their dazzle dusts before. I guess this was mainly because they seem like they could be quite messy and my old eye shadows and 120 palette cover most of the colours I need anyways. However as I use a lot of silver colours, usually in the inner corners and then team it up with a colour in the rest of the eyelid, I decided to give one a try. I’ve heard good things about their dazzle dusts so I’m sure I’ll be pleased.

In conclusion, I absolutely love the lilac foil. A lot of people comment on how you can see the brush strokes if you look close. However I like to think of it as part of the effect, because if you make sure the strokes go in a straight line from the bottom to the tip across the nail then it gives a kind of aluminium looking finish to it. As for the silver glitter, while it is not as impressive or special, I can definatley think of a few ways of how it can be used along with other nail varnishes to make some nice looks. I also think it has quite a Christmas feel to it. I plan on using both of these nail polishes together for a look, which will probably be what my next blog post is about. In the above pictures I applied two quick coats of each and there is no topcoat.


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