Holiday Nails

I thought it was about time I did a blog post as I’ve kind of neglected it a bit over the holiday period, and as I don’t want the holidays to end, I thought I would do a quick post of the holiday themed nails I’ve attempted over the past few weeks.

First off is my Christmas tree design. On the ring finger I used a dotting tool to make a Christmas tree shape and then added dots for decorations, glitter for tinsel and stuck a nail art star on the top of the tree.

On the other nails I just made it look like a section of a tree, and although you cant see it in the picture on the thumb I made it look like one side of a tree so that when I put my thumbs together it looked like both sides of a tree. On top of the green areas I also used a glow in the dark nail varnish by OPI that I’ve been wanting to find a use for, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to capture properly with the camera.

For the week after this I attempted a snowy theme. On the ring fingers I used a thin dotting tool to draw a snowflake and put a nail art star in the middle. Then I added a silver glitter varnish over the top. The snowflake didn’t come out as good as I was hoping, because as it dried the lines flattened out a bit and so become thicker making it hard to see the detail. Therefore on the other fingers I used a white crackle and silver glitter to represent snow.

Lastly, for new year’s eve I did a quick 2012 design. I had to rush this one to get ready in time lol so they are not as neat as I wanted. Again I used a small dotting too, for the detail. On the thumb I wanted to do a firework but it ended up nothing like how I pictured it in my head,  so instead I just did a load of dots on the thumb to give it some sort of design.

For my next blog I plan to make a post not involving nails for once. Maybe something involving the makeup I received for Christmas.


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