Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches

So I’m finally getting around to showing off the Barry M dazzle dusts I got for Christmas as well as a couple I had from before along with swatches.

The below image shows an overview of each swatch:

Going from left to right are pictures of the pots up close:

#Limited Edition 2 – Matte Purple

#34 – Cherry

#98 – Petrol Black

#102 – Burgundy Noir

#9 – Pale Silver

#92 – Aqua Gold

#44 – Bronze

#3 – Pink Gold

#72 – Emerald

Here is also a few more pics of the swatches:

I absolutely love how shimmery they are and how some have hints of other colours in their shimmer, for example the petrol black colour. They apply very pigmented and blend well with each other. The main downside is that as they are powder form they can get a bit messy. Also I found the silver shade to be not as pigmented as the others, as you can see from the images. However overall I love experimenting with these colours. I like wearing the bronze and emerald colours together. The emerald on the outer corner and the bronze on the inner corner of the eyelid and then blended together in the middle. The cherry also goes nicely on the outer corner blended with either the aqua gold, pink gold or silver on the inner corner. I would like to get a blue shade next as that’s the main colour which I would use that I’m missing.

Who else owns any of the Barry M dazzle dusts? I would like to know your fave shades.

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