Matte Metal Nails

Note: I just came across this post in my drafts that I forgot to post back in January as I hadn’t got the photos off the camera yet lol…

*   *   *

For this week’s nails I decided to go completely matte for a change, but I didn’t want it to be too boring.

For the main colour I used 2 coats of a matte grey on each nail (the one I used was Grey Cement by Avon). I then applied a matte topcoat over this to help increase it’s durability (the one I used is the Matte Magic topcoat by China Glaze).

Then to jazz it up a bit I used a dotting tool along with Barry M’s silver foil effect polish to add 3 dots to each nail.

Although I liked how it turned out, this wasn’t much of a hit with people that I know. They said it looked too much like wall paint lol.

One thing I have noticed is that matte nail varnishes always seem to dry and harden off quite quickly. Therefore I find it harder to apply as it’s starting to dry before you get chance to finish painting the nail. Also due to this same reason, it doesn’t smooth out as well as normal varnishes as it dries so you sometimes get a bit of texture to the nail. Despite this, although the matte topcoat which I own also dries quickly, I find that it isn’t harder to apply. However this may partly be because you don’t have to be as neat with it in the first place as it’s clear.

Although matte nail varnishes are not my fave, I still think they can be used to make nice designs and help to increase the versatility of what you can do with your nails. Even though the design I did for this week is very simple, I don’t think I would wear a matte varnish on its own.

What do you think, do you love or hate matte nail varnishes?


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