Duochrome Flakie Nails

For this week’s nails I just had to try out my new glittery nail varnish. It’s called Nubar 2010 and is clear polish with duochrome flakies that change from orange to green depending on what angle you view them from.

For this look I wanted to use a dark background colour, but I’m sure it will look just as good over a lighter colour. I used Black #47 by Barry M. I used two coats of this over the top of my base. Then I applied two coats of Nubar 2010 before adding a coat of Barry M top coat. I used two layers of the flakies as I really wanted them to stand out and be tightly packed.

I absolutely love how they look on the nail. I can’t stop looking at my nails and watching it change colour as I move my fingers in the light lol. The other good thing is that because the flakes are in a clear varnish then you can apply them over the top of any colour you want, making them quite versatile.


Spring Pastel Nails

I came across the following blog post over the weekend: NOTD: Ice Cream Colours by unnakednails

I really liked the design, and as the days are starting to get brighter, warmer and longer over in the UK, I just had to do my own version. Some of my inspiration in the past has come from hours of searching random nail art pictures on the internet anyways.

The colours I used were all by Barry M as they have some really nice pastel shades. Unlike in the link above, I did both of my hands exactly the same and added some dots to the other nails with the dotting tool. This was because they felt just too plain when compared to the ring finger. Therefore the ring finger has a row of dots in all colours used as a base colour on the other nails. All nails other than the ring finger have a row of dots in the ring finger colour.

As Easter is coming up soon, I am currently thinking about what design to settle on for this, although it will probably involve these same colours. I can’t decide if to make all nails look like decorated eggs or if to try and create chicks and bunnies on them instead lol. Guess it depends on how patient I feel when I come to do them.

Secret Addiction

Other than my current nail varnish addiction, I also have an addiction to shower gels and bubble baths. Mainly any that smell fruity or just generally good. Therefore I thought I would do a post on the brand that started off my addiction, which is N-Spa Fruits.

I was first introduced to this brand through a birthday gift a few years ago and I automatically fell in love with the smell. As they have a wide range of flavours, I ended up treating myself to a different one every few weeks or so. Soon the addiction spread to other other brands. If it smelt good enough to eat, I ended up having to buy it. It has now come to the stage where I have a whole shelf of part used shower gels, which I switch and change between each time I shower. Even though I think I probably now own a lifetime of shower gels, it didn’t stop me from my latest purchase. Sugar plum and vanilla flavoured shower gel and a matching body lotion which smells absolutely divine!

Anyways I thought I would list all the different N-Spa flavours that I have tried. Most of these are shower gels but there are some moisturisers and such as well.

Vanilla Crème Burlée: I also love the little stories for each of the flavours on the bottle.

Strawberry Dream Cake:

Strawberries and Cream: This one is quite similar to the strawberry dream cake.

Ruby Orange and Mango: I’m not a fan of things with orange in but I love this.

Raspberry Milkshake: I think this was the first one I tried.

Pomegranate and Butter Milk:

Velvet Plum and Panna Cotta:

Apple Mint Crunch:

Tropical Lime and Coconut Cream:

Lemon Soufflé:

Hawaiian Ginger and Sweet Honey: I’ve never been a fan of ginger flavoured things before. But I even more so love their gingerbread latte flavour from their indulgent range, which I have as a moisturiser, but I do not have a picture of.

Coconut Ice Cream: I personally prefer the smell of normal coconut as this is a bit too sweet smelling.

Cherry Shortcake: I love the smell of cherry, which may be why I wish the smell of this lingers a bit more than it does.

Blueberry Cream Pie: This is by far my favourite flavour of them all. It just makes me want to eat a ton of blueberry muffins.

Angel Cake: This one is a bit sickly as it is from the indulgent range. I prefer the more fruity flavours. but this one is still nice.

Lemon Sugar Hand Scream: This is a scrub and a cream at the same time for your hands. I like to use this when I have naked nails in the bath between nail varnish changes to get my hands and nails prepared.

Apple Mint Foot Scream: This is the same as the hand scream but is for your feet and feels quite refreshing from the mint in it.

So there you have it, most of my N-Spa Fruits collection. I have a number of moisturisers in the same flavours as some of the shower gels. I would also be interested of knowing about any flavours I have not tried yet, as these are the only ones I know about so far. Also what are your opinions on this brand and their range of flavours?