Spring Pastel Nails

I came across the following blog post over the weekend: NOTD: Ice Cream Colours by unnakednails

I really liked the design, and as the days are starting to get brighter, warmer and longer over in the UK, I just had to do my own version. Some of my inspiration in the past has come from hours of searching random nail art pictures on the internet anyways.

The colours I used were all by Barry M as they have some really nice pastel shades. Unlike in the link above, I did both of my hands exactly the same and added some dots to the other nails with the dotting tool. This was because they felt just too plain when compared to the ring finger. Therefore the ring finger has a row of dots in all colours used as a base colour on the other nails. All nails other than the ring finger have a row of dots in the ring finger colour.

As Easter is coming up soon, I am currently thinking about what design to settle on for this, although it will probably involve these same colours. I can’t decide if to make all nails look like decorated eggs or if to try and create chicks and bunnies on them instead lol. Guess it depends on how patient I feel when I come to do them.


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