Barry M Magnetic Blue Nails

I was hoping to do this post several days ago, but by the time work is over for the day there’s never any time left for anything else sigh..

Anyways, last weekend I picked up three of the newish magnetic nail paints by Barry M. They currently do four different colours, but I already have a purple magnetic nail varnish from Nails Inc. So the ones I got were the blue, burgundy and dark silver. They are a lot cheaper than the Nails Inc ones. £4.99 instead of £13, and in my opinion offer the same quality. Boots also had a buy 2 nail paints and get £1 off offer at the same time which was a bonus. Whilst there I also picked up their new waterproof gold coloured eyeliner, which I am impressed with, but I will save that for another day. When I first started this blog I had an eyeliner comparison post planned but never got around to it, so maybe this will help me try harder to find the time for such a post.

Barry M have recently been releasing a lot of new products/shades of existing products, so if you love Barry M as much as me I suggest you check there  website out for an update.

Anyways, this week I tried out the blue magnetic. The magnet with this one gives a kind of star shaped effect. One thing I love is that each colour has a different magnet instead of the same on all of them like the Nails Inc ones do. You can also mix and match the magnets between all the colours making them very versatile.

They apply in the same way as other magnetic polishes and apply easily. The consistency is a bit thicker than the standard nail paints, and they were touch dry fairly quick. The magnet was easy to use and was strong enough to reach the sides of my nails as well. However you have to work fast to ensure you get the magnet over the nail before the polish starts to dry. Which is quite a short length of time in my opinion. Sometimes I found the effect had only worked on one half of the nail due to the fact that the other side of the nail was the side I started painting from. Although it was not yet touch dry, it had dried too much for the magnet to work. However I have had the same problem with other magnetic polishes that I have tried. I guess it all comes down to my perfectionist nature which results in me taking a longer amount of time to do things.

The above thumbnail was the nail that came out the best out of all of them this time around. The difference between the two shades is enough to make the effect nice and noticeable. I also love the way the effect seems to move about a bit as you move your nail around, which reminds me of a hologram.

There was one thing I was disappointed in whilst using this polish however. Even though I had left my nails to dry for a good 30 minutes, when I went to apply the topcoat afterwards it started to drag the polish a bit and mess up the effect. I had to redo a couple of nails because of this. The only way I could minimise this was to make sure my brush was very full of product and then brush it on very quick and in as few strokes as possible. Even then though, I couldn’t help but feel that they looked better before the top coat, and my top coat was much thicker than I wanted it to be.

This is a problem I’ve had before with other nail polish. You spend ages perfecting your design just to have the topcoat mess it all up. Maybe its because I try to be too perfect with the topcoat and like to make sure it has covered every single part of the polish underneath. Whatever the reason I would love to know if other people have encountered this problem, and what tips or tricks they have to overcome/avoid/minimise this?

Despite this I can’t wait to try out the other colours. I think I’ll try the burgundy next week. Has anyone else tried out this polish yet, and if so what do you think?


Nails Inc 3d Nail Varnish In Bloomsbury Square

I’ve been into glitter nail varnish a lot recently, and saw the Bloomsbury Square 3D Glitter by Nails Inc going fairly cheap on Ebay the other week so decided to give it a try.

It’s a clear varnish with small purple glitter and then bigger dark pink glitter pieces, which applies fairly easily.

It looks great on the nail and glistens nicely as you move your fingers. In the above picture I have applied 3 coats. This is because I did not want to put a base colour underneath, but wanted enough coverage to not have any see through patches on the nail.

However there are 2 things I did not like about this polish. The first was that even after a topcoat, the surface of the nail is quite rough to the touch, which I didn’t really like the texture of. However this is obviously because of the amount of glitter packed onto the nail. Maybe this is one reason for why it is labelled 3D nail varnish other than the fact it has varying sizes of glitter. This also leads us to my main hate about this polish. It is extremely difficult to remove and took a lot of cotton wool, nail varnish remover and time to clean it all off my nails. I guess this is because the remover has to get around the glitter to reach the nail varnish before it can break it down.

The fact that it is so difficult to remove is the only thing putting me off wearing it again. However this time I used 3 coats on top of no colour. I think that it can give just as pretty of an effect if you were to apply just 1 coat on top of a dark purple colour for example. Therefore I would think that this would be a lot easier to remove as there is less glitter in the way. I also feel that glitter nail varnishes can be very versatile as you can use them on top of almost any other kind of nail varnish to instantly change the look of what you was already wearing.

What does everyone else think of this nail varnish?

Matte Ring Finger Nails

I got the below two colours from Avon back in the winter. The purple is called Violetta Sparkle and is a dark purple with gold shimmer in it. The other is called Sequinned Turquoise and is a turquoise with a silver shimmer to it.

I wanted to see how these looked with a matte top coat over them as matte over shimmer and glitter can look quite effective. However as I had not wore these colours before, I also wanted to see how they looked normally. I decided to go for a matte ring finger look to get the effect of both at once. For the matte, I used Matte Magic by China Glaze, and for the gloss I used my normal Barry M top coat.

The next few pictures show how it turned out with the purple.

I quite like these two shades as they apply easily and have a lovely finish with the shimmer.

They also look good both with the matte and normal top coat in my opinion.  However if you are not a fan of matte nail varnish then this would not suit you.

The next two pictures show the same in the turquoise.

However of the two colours I think I like the purple with the gold shimmer in it the best.

What do you think?