Matte Ring Finger Nails

I got the below two colours from Avon back in the winter. The purple is called Violetta Sparkle and is a dark purple with gold shimmer in it. The other is called Sequinned Turquoise and is a turquoise with a silver shimmer to it.

I wanted to see how these looked with a matte top coat over them as matte over shimmer and glitter can look quite effective. However as I had not wore these colours before, I also wanted to see how they looked normally. I decided to go for a matte ring finger look to get the effect of both at once. For the matte, I used Matte Magic by China Glaze, and for the gloss I used my normal Barry M top coat.

The next few pictures show how it turned out with the purple.

I quite like these two shades as they apply easily and have a lovely finish with the shimmer.

They also look good both with the matte and normal top coat in my opinion.  However if you are not a fan of matte nail varnish then this would not suit you.

The next two pictures show the same in the turquoise.

However of the two colours I think I like the purple with the gold shimmer in it the best.

What do you think?


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