Barry M Silvery Lilac and Cappucino Nails

I know it seems most of my posts are about Barry M nail paints, but that’s because they are lol. Unless I’m looking for a particular shade or finish I usually buy Barry M because they are relatively cheap, yet the quality and length of wear is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive brands.

Anyways this week I wore two of their quite new paints. The first which I wore on my fingers is called Silvery Lilac.

I was quite excited about this one, so I feel I ended up disappointing myself. In the bottle it looks like it changes between a nice lilac, blue/green and silver. This is how it does look in the bottle, but the effect is a lot less son the nail I felt.

On the nail I felt it was mostly silver, with a light lilac coming through if you caught it right under the light. Sometimes you can also see a slight green tinge coming through on the silver. It does have a nice shimmer to it though. In the image below I applied 3 coats.

Before trying it out I had decided to apply a silver glitter nail varnish to the tips to add a subtle bit of sparkle to the whole look. I was hoping that the lilac would be more noticeable than it actually is, but it is actually quite a light shade and so is not far from the silver colour itself. I feel that because of this you would only really notice that it has lilac in it if you knew to look for it and were looking close. I prefer when the effect is is easily noticeable to other people when they glance at your nails.

However, as the consistency is quite sheer, I feel that it might actually be good to apply over other colours to transform them into something completely different. I have been wondering what they would look like over the pastel colours such as the peach melba, but I am not sure if that would be a disaster. Perhaps a purple pastel colour or even a mint green would be safer. It is definatley a polish to experiment with.

Overall, even though it is not quite what I had hyped myself up for, it is still a lovely shimmery nail paint and the colours do go well together.

The other new nail paint I tried out this week is their Cappucino shade. I don’t normally go for such nude/greige shades as I prefer colour and think they are a bit boring The only reason I went for their dusky mauve colour in the past is because of the purple shimmer in it. However I felt that because those types of colours are lacking in my collection that it would be nice to give it a try.

I would describe this as a greyish purple brown colour. As I have already painted my finger nails this week I decided to put this on my toes. Sorry in advance for the pictures of my manky toes lol.

In the above picture I took it against my purple bedroom carpet and this makes the grey stand out more. I don’t paint my toenails often as I find it difficult to do them anywhere near neat. (I actually persuaded my mom to paint them for me this time lol). Although I didn’t expect to like this shade, I found it actually looks really nice. The finish is also quite glossy even though I didn’t bother with a topcoat and I think it looks quite sophisticated.

In the above picture I have taken it against my grey table top so that you can see the purplish brown colour in the shade more easily. I also feel that because I always like to make my fingernails noticeable in a different way each week, that it’s a bit strange to leave my toenails completely plain, which normally is actually how they are. I feel that by painting your toes in such a colour that you can quickly and easily make it look like you have not forgotten about you toes, and make them look good without having to put much effort in.


Fake Nail Painting – #2

Since my last lot of painted fake nail designs, I have now painted 5 more sets. These nails were of a larger size than the first 5 sets, which could be better in a way as they can be filed down or a perfect fit. The photographs came out better for these sets because I was able to take them during the daytime so there was luckily no artificial lighting.

Anyways here’s what I came up with this time around:

1) Tiger Print

The base colour for this one is Barry M’s coral.

2) Tourquize Overlapping Stripes

3) Peach and Mint Rhinestones

The base is peach, with a mint green tip. Rhinestones were added along the line of the tip. I also decided to use a clear multi-coloured glitter over the peach, which I think looks nicer than having it just plain.

4) Pink Dots

Half in a darker shade of pink and half in a lighter shade with corresponding dots on the opposite side to their colour.

5) Blueberry Blobs

Different shades of blue blobs and silver blobs made into a slanted tip.

I think my favorite from the ones above is #3. Although it was long and fiddly to apply the rhinestones. The final effect created by them was definatley worth it.

Barry M Magnetic Dark Silver Nails

So this week I tried out the last of the Magnetic Nail Paints by Barry M that I purchased. They do also have a purple. But I already have a purple magnetic by Nails Inc so decided to skip that shade.

I couldn’t get them to photograph too well but anyways here are the pictures of how it turned out:

I have to say this is my least favourite of the three, with the burgundy being my favourite. I feel that the shade is more black than a dark silver, and the colour difference between the magnetised and non magnetised areas are not far enough apart from each other for the effect to be as noticeable as I would like.

However, I have looked at images online from other blogs and such and it looks really good in those photos. So maybe I just had a bad attempt with this one this time around. In other people’s photos the effect reminds me of a fishnet effect, which is what I was expecting, whereas how mine came out is more like some wavy lines lol.

I think before passing a final judgement on this shade I need to be brave and not apply a top coat on top, or maybe wait a whole day before applying the top coat. I feel it is this which is the main damage to the final effect that I have experienced.

I would also be interested to see how the magnet from the burgundy shade looks on this shade. That magnet seemed to make strong noticeable lines, which is one of the reasons why I liked the burgundy so much.

Barry M Magnetic Burgundy Nails

So this is another of the Barry M magnetic effects that I picked up. This time the burgundy shade that comes with a magnet to make diagonal stripes.

I don’t normally go for reddish colours, but I have to say I really love this colour. Even on the first coat before using the magnet, the colour looked so nice lol. When buying these I thought the blue would be my favourite as I am more of a cold colours person. However I think this is actually my favourite of the two I have tried. I think I might try the stripy magnet with the blue to see if that makes any difference as to which is my favourite.

If you’ve looked at any of my previous posts, then please don’t be too alarmed by the sudden disappearance to the length of my nails lol. The index nail of my right hand snapped as low down as it possibly could. I can’t stand such a huge difference in length so they all had to come off. My fingers feel so stumpy, childlike and boyish when they are like this. Which is strange because when I see short nails on other women it seems perfectly normal to me.

Like with the blue the magnet was good enough to easily produce the pattern across the whole nail providing you held it over the nail before any chance of drying could start. Also, once again I cant stop admiring how the light hits the pattern when you move your fingers in the light. This pattern reminds me a bit of a stripy stick of seaside rock.

As with the blue I again had trouble protecting the effect when applying the top coat. In the end I just blobbed the topcoat around instead of applying it in brush strokes. However this meant that quite a lot of top coat ended up on the nail which caused some bubbling whilst drying.

However overall I am again pleased. Who else has tried the Barry M magnetic nail paints and which one is your favourite?

Lastly I would just like to wish my amazing boyfriend a Happy 24th Birthday!!

Fun Fake Nail Art Painting

For the past few years one of my hobbies has been jewellery making. One day I’ll do a post with photos of all my jewellery making from the very start. Earlier this week I had a brainwave and thought wouldn’t it be a good idea to paint up some nice designs on fake nails as a nice way to relax over the weekend before its time for work again? Also sometimes I can get frustrated with my jewellery making when things don’t turn out as I envisioned them to, so figured this would be a more therapeutic activity.

So with that I ordered some fake nails from ebay (500 individual nails in total) and luckily they had arrived in time for the weekend. I started some on Friday night and did some more on Saturday and so far have really enjoyed it. It’s so much easier than painting your real nails lol, as you can position the nail in the most comfortable way in order to do the detail accurately. Also I can use my right dominant hand to paint all of them.

So far I have painted 5 different sets which I am quite proud of. I was hoping to get better quality pictures, but with the weather we have been having lately I had to take them under artificial light in the end.

1) Purple Foil Flowers

For the base I used the Lilac Foil effect by Barry M and then added flower patterns with dotting tools.

2) Mint Leopard Print

Barry M for the main colour and Nails Inc for the dots. Despite leaving them overnight to dry the topcoat smudged the black on the first nail so I had to redo it.

3) Dusky Silver Tips

Barry M’s Dusky Mauve for the main colour and their Silver Foil effect on the tips, with a little gem added on to bling them up. The main colour comes out quite dark in the photographs.

4) Sponged Summer

All Barry M colours. Yellow base, with a peach colour sponged 2/3 of the way up and then a pink sponged on the bottom 1/3 with some dots added to complete the design.

5) Midnight Sparkle

Barry M’s limited edition silver glitter sponged on the tip with some star shaped nail art gems added.

Here is one of the biggest nails placed over my thumbnail to show how they look.

What do you think of them? Hope you all like them and I would be interested to know which one is your favourite?