Fun Fake Nail Art Painting

For the past few years one of my hobbies has been jewellery making. One day I’ll do a post with photos of all my jewellery making from the very start. Earlier this week I had a brainwave and thought wouldn’t it be a good idea to paint up some nice designs on fake nails as a nice way to relax over the weekend before its time for work again? Also sometimes I can get frustrated with my jewellery making when things don’t turn out as I envisioned them to, so figured this would be a more therapeutic activity.

So with that I ordered some fake nails from ebay (500 individual nails in total) and luckily they had arrived in time for the weekend. I started some on Friday night and did some more on Saturday and so far have really enjoyed it. It’s so much easier than painting your real nails lol, as you can position the nail in the most comfortable way in order to do the detail accurately. Also I can use my right dominant hand to paint all of them.

So far I have painted 5 different sets which I am quite proud of. I was hoping to get better quality pictures, but with the weather we have been having lately I had to take them under artificial light in the end.

1) Purple Foil Flowers

For the base I used the Lilac Foil effect by Barry M and then added flower patterns with dotting tools.

2) Mint Leopard Print

Barry M for the main colour and Nails Inc for the dots. Despite leaving them overnight to dry the topcoat smudged the black on the first nail so I had to redo it.

3) Dusky Silver Tips

Barry M’s Dusky Mauve for the main colour and their Silver Foil effect on the tips, with a little gem added on to bling them up. The main colour comes out quite dark in the photographs.

4) Sponged Summer

All Barry M colours. Yellow base, with a peach colour sponged 2/3 of the way up and then a pink sponged on the bottom 1/3 with some dots added to complete the design.

5) Midnight Sparkle

Barry M’s limited edition silver glitter sponged on the tip with some star shaped nail art gems added.

Here is one of the biggest nails placed over my thumbnail to show how they look.

What do you think of them? Hope you all like them and I would be interested to know which one is your favourite?


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