Fake Nail Painting – #2

Since my last lot of painted fake nail designs, I have now painted 5 more sets. These nails were of a larger size than the first 5 sets, which could be better in a way as they can be filed down or a perfect fit. The photographs came out better for these sets because I was able to take them during the daytime so there was luckily no artificial lighting.

Anyways here’s what I came up with this time around:

1) Tiger Print

The base colour for this one is Barry M’s coral.

2) Tourquize Overlapping Stripes

3) Peach and Mint Rhinestones

The base is peach, with a mint green tip. Rhinestones were added along the line of the tip. I also decided to use a clear multi-coloured glitter over the peach, which I think looks nicer than having it just plain.

4) Pink Dots

Half in a darker shade of pink and half in a lighter shade with corresponding dots on the opposite side to their colour.

5) Blueberry Blobs

Different shades of blue blobs and silver blobs made into a slanted tip.

I think my favorite from the ones above is #3. Although it was long and fiddly to apply the rhinestones. The final effect created by them was definatley worth it.


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