Barry M Silvery Lilac and Cappucino Nails

I know it seems most of my posts are about Barry M nail paints, but that’s because they are lol. Unless I’m looking for a particular shade or finish I usually buy Barry M because they are relatively cheap, yet the quality and length of wear is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive brands.

Anyways this week I wore two of their quite new paints. The first which I wore on my fingers is called Silvery Lilac.

I was quite excited about this one, so I feel I ended up disappointing myself. In the bottle it looks like it changes between a nice lilac, blue/green and silver. This is how it does look in the bottle, but the effect is a lot less son the nail I felt.

On the nail I felt it was mostly silver, with a light lilac coming through if you caught it right under the light. Sometimes you can also see a slight green tinge coming through on the silver. It does have a nice shimmer to it though. In the image below I applied 3 coats.

Before trying it out I had decided to apply a silver glitter nail varnish to the tips to add a subtle bit of sparkle to the whole look. I was hoping that the lilac would be more noticeable than it actually is, but it is actually quite a light shade and so is not far from the silver colour itself. I feel that because of this you would only really notice that it has lilac in it if you knew to look for it and were looking close. I prefer when the effect is is easily noticeable to other people when they glance at your nails.

However, as the consistency is quite sheer, I feel that it might actually be good to apply over other colours to transform them into something completely different. I have been wondering what they would look like over the pastel colours such as the peach melba, but I am not sure if that would be a disaster. Perhaps a purple pastel colour or even a mint green would be safer. It is definatley a polish to experiment with.

Overall, even though it is not quite what I had hyped myself up for, it is still a lovely shimmery nail paint and the colours do go well together.

The other new nail paint I tried out this week is their Cappucino shade. I don’t normally go for such nude/greige shades as I prefer colour and think they are a bit boring The only reason I went for their dusky mauve colour in the past is because of the purple shimmer in it. However I felt that because those types of colours are lacking in my collection that it would be nice to give it a try.

I would describe this as a greyish purple brown colour. As I have already painted my finger nails this week I decided to put this on my toes. Sorry in advance for the pictures of my manky toes lol.

In the above picture I took it against my purple bedroom carpet and this makes the grey stand out more. I don’t paint my toenails often as I find it difficult to do them anywhere near neat. (I actually persuaded my mom to paint them for me this time lol). Although I didn’t expect to like this shade, I found it actually looks really nice. The finish is also quite glossy even though I didn’t bother with a topcoat and I think it looks quite sophisticated.

In the above picture I have taken it against my grey table top so that you can see the purplish brown colour in the shade more easily. I also feel that because I always like to make my fingernails noticeable in a different way each week, that it’s a bit strange to leave my toenails completely plain, which normally is actually how they are. I feel that by painting your toes in such a colour that you can quickly and easily make it look like you have not forgotten about you toes, and make them look good without having to put much effort in.


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