Barry M Denim Nails

One of the other most recent nail paints by Barry M is called Denim. I absolutely love this colour. I think this and the Cappuccino colour are my favourites out of my recent purchases.

The colour is is the dark blue shade you would expect from denim and is full of fine silvery shimmer. This shade also dries matte. The combination of all these factors is what makes it look like denim, and also what makes it look so great on the nail. I really like how it has shimmer in it, yet it is matte at the same time. The silver pattern on the ring finger was added using their silver foil paint and I think it goes quite well with the shimmer in the denim shade.

As it was matte I didn’t apply a topcoat. This meant that the wear wasn’t as good as what I normally get from Barry M, but it was still fairly good. It was only my first finger and thumb that had chipped during the week. I also want to point out how great the coverage was for this shade. Although I did apply two coats in the pictures shown, the coverage was exactly the same as this after just one coat. It also seemed to dry faster than their normal nail paints and I just loved the feel of the matte finish when running my fingertips over my nails.

The next Barry M products that I am interested in are the Chameleon nail paints that they have just announced. These apparently change colour wherever a top coat is applied, so I am quite interested to see how these work. I feel they might make it less messy when doing certain details in nail art,  as clear getting onto your fingers isn’t as noticeable as colour. They also look like they could be  metallic shades, which is something I’ve wanted to get more of recently.

Also as it was recently their company’s 30th birthday I hear that they are doing an offer where you can get nail paints in their original bottles from back in the 80’s when you spend a certain amount of money. There is also a metallic Teal shade that I have seen pictures of on the internet but they do not have it on their website, and I also haven’t seen it in the Boots shop near where I live. It looks gorgeous and am really eager to get my hands on a bottle of it. The colour seemed to come out at the same time as the denim shade.


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