Handmade Jewellery – #1

One of my hobbies other than nail painting is to hand make my own  jewellery. It has been ages since I made a lot of jewellery, but have recently got back into the mood of jewellery making. Last Saturday my friend came round and we spent the day making bracelets and earrings. The below pictures are of the things I made that day, and a few are from what I made the day after. Be warned there are a lot of pictures in this post.

I have been jewellery making for around 3 years now and I plan on sharing pictures of everything I have created on my blog.  I will be randomly posting them over time so there will be a mixture of photo quality,  as the oldest ones were when I didn’t have access to a half decent camera. Also as most of what I create is self taught there will be a mixture of jewellery quality,  as the very first things I created were back when I was still experimenting and learning things. Despite this I still want to share all the pictures on my blog and hope you enjoy them.


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