Pastel Flakie Nails

So the first time I tried out my Nubar 2010 flakie polish I applied it over black. With this the result was vibrant orange to green duochrome flakes, with bits of gold here and there. Therefore I decided that this time I wanted to try it over something much lighter than black and that the colours would be orange and green themselves, as I was interested in what the result would be. So that’s exactly what I did and here is the result:

I firstly painted all my nails in 2 coats of Peach Melba by Barry M. I then added the green diagonal bottom halves to the nails using one coat of Mint Green by Barry M. Then I added 2 coats of the Nubar 2010 flakie. Once this was dry I added some dots using the Gold Foil effect, also by Barry M to add a bit more glitz and to hide the line between the peach and mint a bit. This whole design was finished off with a topcoat.

As you can see from the pictures, the orange colour in the flakie polish shows up quite well across the nail. It also seems more matched to the peach melba colour. When I wore it over the black before it was more of an orange colour. However the green side to the duochrome flakes was the colour that showed up the most when over the black. This time around I found it much harder to see the green. In daylight the most I could see was a bit of a goldish colour here and there. It is only by putting them directly under an artificial light source that I can get the green to show through this time around. Again the green is more matched to the mint shade than the bright green that it was over the black.

The whole design results in duochrome flakes which are a bit more subtle than when I wore it over black. This compliments the pastel shades used underneath it quite well. This shows that the colours used underneath the flakes are very dependant upon the effect that the duochrome will give off. Black has shown that you get a bright vibrant effect, and pastel shades have shown a lighter more subtle effect. I have also just noticed that the green has picked more easily in the camera used than from looking at it with the naked eye under natural light.

This shows that this polish is very versatile and gets me thinking about how many different looks and effects you can get from it by using it on top of other kinds of colours. I’m mostly interested in trying it over colours such as purples and blues, both light and dark shades. I would also like to try it over something such as a silver colour as well as this would be the opposite to the goldish tones that come through sometimes in the flakes. If anyone else owns this polish,I would be interested to see the different ways in which you have used it.


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