Handmade Soap Experiment

A few weeks ago, I came across some images of handmade soap that looked lovely. It really made me feel like I wanted to try it myself. However after my first lot of online research into the subject it seemed like it would be a long and risky thing which involved the use of lye. Then last week I came across a tutorial describing ‘melt and pour’ soap base. In a way this method seems like a bit of a cheat because you simply melt down the base, add colour and fragrance and leave it for an hour or so to set and your’e done. This means that it is a lot less risky as no lye is involved and you don’t have to leave it for weeks and weeks to cure. I immediately got onto Ebay and purchased the items I required to give this a go. As soon as it arrived a few days later you can see my first attempt in the picture below.

I didn’t have anything to use for a colourant at this stage so this one was left plain. My mom was interested to try this out so we experimented together. We simply put some of the soap base cubes into a microwaveable tub and heated it on high for about 30 seconds. We then gave it a stir and added some fragrance. In this case it was coconut. It was stirred again before being poured into the mould and we then put it in the fridge to set. We felt the fridge might speed up the process. After about an hour we popped it out the mould and it was ready for use.

Since then I have now got some colouring and we have made soaps in other scents and various colours. From left to right in the above picture they are as follows: Orange and Cinnamon, Cherry, Green Apple and Coconut.

The above picture is of the green apple scented soap. The colouring used was green but it didn’t quite keep to the same colour when mixed in. I love how quick and easy it is to make these cute little soaps. It also means you can make any fragrance that would normally be hard to find in a soap at the shops.

The above one is orange and cinnamon scented. This one is my favourite out of all of them. These soaps would make great little gifts/stocking fillers. This orange and cinnamon scented one would be especially good for at Christmas time in my opinion.

This one is cherry scented. Believe it or not I added red colouring, which somehow turned to black when it was added to the soap mixture. After setting it ended up in the above brownish/dark blueish colour depending on how the light goes through it. I think next time I’ll try pink colouring in this one. This one is my second favourite. I feel an activity like this is good for people who are not normally crafty but want something easy to try. Or maybe it would be a good activity to do with kids, especially as this method involves no lye,  which is very corrosive to flesh and such.

This last one is the coconut scent again but with a bit of blue colour added to it as clear was a bit boring for me. This scent is quite a subtle but a nice one, which would be a nice gift for someone who doesn’t like overpowering scents. One thing I also noticed about this soap base, which may just be a property of the particular base I purchased, was that it seemed a lot better quality than the soap my mom buys from the shops. It lathers up really nice and creamy and leaves your skin feeling quite moisturised. This factor coupled with the cute shape and the fact you can have any scent you like equals perfection to someone like me, who has a bit of an addiction for nice fruity smelling shower gels. Now that I have experimented with this a little there are endless shapes, scents and designs that I can try out using some of the handmade soaps I have seen on the internet as my inspiration.


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