Latest Shower Discovery

Some of you may know from a previous post, but I am absolutely addicted to bath and shower products that smell great and feel great. Especially fruity shower gels. The only problem is I currently have so many different ones I don’t really have anywhere to put new ones until I use up some of the old ones, which is a bit harder when you buy them quicker than you use them up lol. One thing that doesn’t help is going into places like Home Bargains because you can get great products very cheaply. Also since a friend of someone at work started doing the Avon earlier this year it has been even tougher to resist lol.

Anyways for a couple of months now I have been eyeing up and smelling some of the Radox shower smoothies every time I have been in my local Asda, especially the orange one. I finally gave in last week and purchased the 2 below.

The pink one on the left is called Soul Soother and contains chamomile, blackcurrant and cranberry seeds. The orange one on the right is called Island Indulgence and contains passion fruit, papaya and aronia berries. They both smell divine, but the orange one is clearly my favourite.

They both contain fruit seeds, which are there to help lightly exfoliate, but it also helps to add to the fruity feel of the product. The consistency of both is thick and creamy, which it also mentions on the front of the tube. Also apart from the smell, the best part for me is how it feels on your skin. It glides on so smoothly and feels so soft when compared to other shower products that I have tried. It feels so pleasing to rub it all over your skin, especially on places like arms and legs. The combination of the fruity fragrance, the seeds and the texture of the product crated a pleasing shower experience, which has a lovely natural feel to it.

I would definatley recommend this to anyone who has a bit of a fruity shower gel addiction like me, but also to anyone who enjoys a relaxing shower. Has anyone else tried one of these and if so what are your opinions on the product?

The also do other flavours other than the two above, but I will try to resist buying those ones for a bit longer.


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