Caviar/Microbead Nails

So I know it’s a little late but I finally got around to trying the whole caviar/microbeads nails as you can see in the photo below.

The microbeads I got from ebay. It was roughly just under £4 for 12 little pots. The colours that you get were random from an overseas seller. This means you have to wait a while for them to arrive, but the wait was worth it. I love how these nails came out and as well as the look of the design, I also love the different texture you are left with.

For my first attempt, I decided to try out a lilac colour. I only applied them to my ring fingers this time. This is because from experience, I know that my thumbs and first two fingers are the most likest to chip, especially on the right hand. Usually I can have my nails in the same design for a week and my little finger and ring fingers wouldn’t have chipped at all usually. As I felt that the beads would come off more easily than normal nail varnish, I made the decision to only use them on my ring fingers.

Underneath the beads I used the lilac foil paint by Barry M. On the other nails I painted them with the silver foil  and then added a bit of detail with the lilac foil. It was on the second coat on the ring finger when I added the beads. I just poured them on while the nail was wet. I then pressed the beads down a little and tried to fill in any gaps to make the beads tightly packed together.

This was a little messy. The beads are so small and like to fly all over the place lol. Anyways I let it dry for a while and then added my top coat. On the ring fingers I added a very generous helping of topcoat by blobbing it all over the beads. I blew on this while it was wet to try and push it into the gaps in the beads. After that was dry I repeated the process the same. I feel that it was doing this which helped to keep the design as durable as it was.

The beads stayed in place for around 3 days before the ring finger chipped. However because the top coat had stuck everything together solidly, the whole nail chipped off in one solid ‘shell’. Therefore I just gently picked it up and effectively ‘glued’ it back on with some top coat lol. This was on the right hand, and on the day after the exact same thing happened to the left hand. Since sticking them both back on they still look as good as the day I applied them, and it has been a week since I did my nails now. They proved to be more durable than I expected, but I am not sure if they would last this good on the fingers I know that are prone to chipping.

I will definatley use mcrobeads on my nails in the future and I am eager to try out the different colours I got. However next time I would change my base coat as normally my base coat is a nail strengthener. I want to see if using my top coat as a base would be better for keeping the beads on the nails longer. This is because since sticking the chipped off nails back on with my top coat they have become a whole lot more durable. It was also only by change that I realised when the nails chipped off and I was able to ‘save’ them.


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