New Nspa Purchases

I was in Asda a few days ago, and noticed that the Nspa Fruits range seems to have been replaced with an improved/revamped range called Nspa Fruit Extracts. I am absolutely addicted to fruity smelling bath time products, which was all originally started off by the Nspa fruits shower gels (especially the blueberry one). Therefore as much as I have been trying to not buy any more shower gels, I just had to buy at least one of the new flavours there and then. After careful consideration I decided on the passion fruit one and a matching body lotion.

Obviously this had to be used for my next shower, and I love the smell just like I do with all their other shower gels. It smells just as you would expect passion fruit flavoured products to smell like. They are priced at £3 each, but at the moment they have a 2 for £4 offer on. As I am sitting here typing this I am enjoying the aroma and feel of being covered in the body lotion.

Whilst there I also made another purchase from the range. This was a pack of 3 lip balms. I have never seen lip balms from Nspa before, so I decided on these over another flavour of shower gel. They were £5 for the pack, which is a bit more pricey than I would normally spend on lip balm, but I was too eager to try them out.

The flavours of the lip balms are Shea Butter, Raspberry and Mango. These are also the same as some of the new shower gel flavours as well. I think the packaging is quite nice looking as well as it reflects a sense of good quality, and it would therefore make a good gift. I have so far only tried the mango flavoured lip balm and I love the taste and fragrance of it. It also feels great on your lips when you rub them together.  It seems to last long and leaves them moisturised sufficiently.

Before this, I have only ever regularly used the Rosy Lips lip therapy by Vaseline. The Nspa lip balms so far appear to work just as good as this. The Nspa lip balms are also more solidified in consistency than the Vaseline ones when in its tub, and they also have a screw on lid rather than one you pull off. I prefer this as it is less messy. I remember an incident when my bag had been sitting under the sun shining through my bedroom window for a few hours. The Vaseline lip balm was inside my bag upside down and had melted and leaked everywhere into a sticky mess.

The only thing I do not like about the Nspa lip balms is that with the Vaseline ones, to apply it I just rub my bottom lip in the tub and then rub my lips together. However because the Nspa tubs have a smaller diameter, this is not possible and so I have to use my finger to apply it. I don’t like to do this because I usually end up getting some under my nail and I don’t like the thought of putting any dirt in my lip balm.

My last purchase was a nail file/buffer by Nspa. I think this is also new as I have never seen it before in the shops. I got my mom one as well because they were doing 2 or £3 so I saved myself 18p lol. I’ve needed a new nail buffer for a while anyways though as my other ones are completely worn away. I haven’t really tried it out yet except on one nail I caught on something. It seemed to smooth the roughness away easily, so I’m sure its as good as a typical nail buffer.

I did look online on the Nspa website to see the full details of their new products. But on the day I did, they didn’t have these new products listed there so I guess they are still in the process of updating their website. However on the Asda website it seems that as well as the 4 flavours listed above, they also have a mint flavour, pink grapefruit flavour and a coconut flavour. I did have a sniff of their coconut one in the shop. I wasn’t keen on their old coconut ice cream flavour as it was to sickly sweet. This new one however seemed to smell more of a normal coconut flavour which smells a lot nicer in my opinion. I also noticed they had a few body mists in some of the flavours as well, but I am not sure I would bother giving those a try yet. Has anyone else tried any of the new products?, and if so what did you think?


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