Chameleon Britannia Nails

My most recent Barry M purchases have included their recent Chameleon releases. With these you apply the chameleon nail paint and then instead of coating the whole thing with top coat, you just add it where you want to create a design. Wherever the top coat comes into contact with the chameleon coat, it will change colour. They currently have 3 different colours, and the one I am showing you in this post is the blue one. This changes to red when you use top coat over it.

Now your first thought is probably that you could just paint red nail paint over a blue to make a design, which is true. However the thing that stood out to me the most about these shades is that they all have a kind of metallic finish to them which is a bit like the finish you get from the magnetic nail paints before you use the magnet on them. Also when adding designs to your nails I find it can sometimes be difficult to not get any onto your skin/cuticles whilst trying to add the detail for designs that go to the very sides of the nail. With the chameleon effects you do not really have this problem as any that goes onto your skin would just look clear. Therefore I think it can help when trying to do quite fiddly complex designs.

In the design I have done, I decided that instead of just using topcoat to make some stripes, I would use a clear nail paint with glitter in to add a bit of sparkle. The nail paint I used is also a quite recent release from Barry M called Jewel Britannia. I decided to purchase this because I liked the fact that the glitter sizes and colours were mixed. I thought that the colours would also be perfect to use with the particular chameleon shade that was used also.

I found the consistency of these paints were quite thick, but they dry quite quick also. One problem is that because you can’t protect the entire nail with a top coat, it is slightly less durable than what I normally get from Barry M. However the wear is still fair. The photographs in this post that are above this paragraph were taken 24 hours after painting them, which was after a day at work and also a little jewellery making, and there was no sign of any wear at this point. The below picture was taken from my naff phone camera, which is why it is so blurry. However you can still make out some of the sparkle of the glitter, caused by probably the only sunshine this summer that I managed to capture. This was taken while I was waiting for my brother to finish work and was about 72 hours after painting them. There was a bit of tip chipping by then on some fingers, but the two shown in the picture still looked perfect.


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