More Nspa Goodness

So I just couldn’t resist myself. I have a bit of leftover cash before pay day so why not lol. I also bought the same as shown in this post for my friend as part of her birthday present.

This time I opted for the sets of shower gels and body butters. Each set comes with four different flavours in the smaller sizes.

The flavours included in each are the mango, shea butter, raspberry and the coconut. The shower gels are 100ml each and the body butters are 75ml.

Both sets currently cost £5 each. I think the packaging design is quite simple, yet it is cute and looks good quality at the same time.

I also think the pots used to hold the body butters are of good quality as well. As I expected these all smell and feel great. I used the shea butter body butter on my legs after shaving them earlier today and they feel so soft and smooth.

I have never seen shea butter on its own before. I’ve only ever seen it as part of some other flavour, and so have never realised how great it smells. It’s a nice subtle sweet scent that does not smell sickly sweet at all.

Has anyone else tried any of their new products? I’m eager to know what flavour is everyone’s favourite.


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