Jewellery Making – #6 – Mostly Chain Maille

Many of this batch of pictures are of chain maille type jewellery that I have made. I made my first piece of chain maille jewellery earlier this year on my 25th Birthday. It was a silver plated byzantine style bracelet and was part of the only jewellery making class I have been to, which my friend from work booked for us. Once you understand how to make a particular pattern it can be quite easy to make jewellery that looks quite fancy, so I’ve been interested in such jewellery ever since.

Byzantine Style Bracelets:

These were all made from silver plated enamelled coloured copper jump rings.

Chain Maille Style Earrings:

I feel a bit of chain maille mixed with some simple beads can create some quite elegant looking jewellery. For example the earrings I have made with a mobius ring added to the bottom of them like in the above picture.

Other jewellery:

The above images are of some other jewellery I made during the same weekend. Out of all the jewellery shown in this post, the plaited seed bead bracelet in the last picture was actually the most frustrating to make. This was because every time I came to tie up the end, the plait had half come undone, making it all loose. In the end I just had to settle for it being how it is in the picture.


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