Jewellery Making – #7 – Dragon Fly and Other Necklaces

Here are some of the necklaces I have made, most of which are dragon fly themed.

The blue one above was actually made by my aunty, and is the person who I learned how to make these from.

The wings are made from beads called dagger beads.

They are fairly simple to make using tiger tail,and I think they look quite pretty.

The next picture shows a flower necklace I made using the same dagger beads.

The following necklace was also made using dagger beads.

This next necklace was made by wrapping wire around a pebble my brothers brought home from a trip to the seaside one day. The wire didn’t wrap how I would have liked. I am not very good at wire wrapping but I think that’s because I need to learn more about which wire is best to use as this wire didn’t hold in place very well.

This next butterfly pendant was made using very thin wire.


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