First Experiments With Nail Art

Today I thought I would share some photos of the very first pieces of nail art that I ever did. They are from back when I very first started to get interested in painting my nails and experimenting with them. Before this I used to just leave them plain and let them grow as long as I could. People used to always ask if they were real. I guess I figured why not use them as a canvas for art to show off at the same time.

This tiger stripe effect was actually made using a black liquid eyeliner as I had no black or nail art brushes back then lol. This was my very first attempt at nail art.

This ladybird design was after I started to build upon my nail art supplies. As you can see by the amount of nail varnish on the sides of my fingers that I was not very experienced at painting my nails at this stage.

Unfortunately some of the quality of the photographs are not the best. These pictures were taken form before I had a blog and so having almost perfect pictures was not a requirement at the time, which is a shame, but you can still see the design.

This panda design was done after I found a tutorial online somewhere. Pandas are so cute so I just had to try it. I love spending time looking online for pictures of other people’s nail art for ideas and inspiration.

Iv’e always been a bit of a gamer, especially back in my teens so I just had to do some Pac-Man nails. Iv’e just realised how the fingers with the ghosts on remind me of border nails a bit lol. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post.


Moon Dust Nails

So this time around it was the gold glitter magnetic nail paint by Barry M that had it’s turn on my nails. This one is called Moon Dust.

This one is similar to the previous ones from their new shades. It is a light/dark sliver/grey effect with gold glitter in the darker stripes.

The magnet that comes with this one creates a diagonal stripe effect on the nail. I like the pattern of this magnet a lot more than from the red glitter shade. The magnet easily created nicely defined stripes that reached over the entire nail area.

I also felt that the gold glitter stood out more in this shade and everything looked more ‘glittery/sparkly’ than with the red shade. However this may have been down to how well the magnet worked rather than the formula of the nail paint itself.

I also like the colour of this shade a lot more than in the red one. In the red it had too much of a brownish tinge to it than I would have liked to see.

I think of the new shades that I have tried so far, that this one is definatley my second favourite after the blue shade.

Jewelled Flower Nails

Here are 2 similar designs I have done in the past with a flower design on the ring finger. A nail art gem has also been placed in the middle of each flower.

The first design uses Barry M’s Navy for the main colour, and their Silver foil effect for the flower.

The next design unfortunately didn’t capture well in the photographs. There wasn’t enough light in the room when I took them, but I had changed my nails by the time I viewed the pictures. Therefore I edited them to increase the brightness, but the colours are not a true reflection of what they are in reality.

This used Racing green for the main colour, which is exactly the colour you would expect racing green to be when looking at it under proper lighting. I need to use this colour again for another design so I can get pictures that represent it more accurately. The flower and dot detail was done with the Gold foil effect.

Venus Sunset Nails

This week I tried out the red glitter magnetic nail paint by Barry M. This one is called Venus Sunset.

The magnet on this one gives an arrow type pattern. However I found that this one was slightly harder to use than the previous one I tried a few weeks back. For 2 of the nails I had to make a second attempt to get the pattern to cover the whole nail. I think with the magnetic effects it can be a bit hit and miss in this regard and so it is completely random whether you end up having to retry a nail or 2.

The colour for this is again a silvery/grey base. The magnet pulls the pattern to have a light grey/silver and then a darker colour with the red glitter in. However I am not sure whether the darker colour is grey or if it has a brown/reddish tone to it. The red glitter on top of this makes it hard to distinguish.

Although I was unable to capture it well in the pictures, the glitter looks great when the light hits it directly. The overall colour looks like a dark brown/red shade. However I think I would like it more if it was a lighter red so that it did not appear so brown.

Who else has this colour and what are your opinions on it?

Soap Making Experimentation – #2

So it has actually been a few weeks since I made this soap, but I have had quite a lot of things I’ve wanted to post about recently. Instead of posting them all at once and then risk having nothing to post for ages, I have decided to schedule them in advance and spread them out to no more than 2 blogs per week.

Anyways for my second lot of soap making I got an opaque base, even though I actually ordered transparent, but never mind. My aim was to create a stripy block and then slice it up.

However, first I made a blue layer. I decided to use cherry fragrance for these batch of soaps. I used a box that we had cotton buds in for the mould and added the mixture. This soap base seems to take longer to set than the one I bought previous, or maybe it was just my impatience lol. Anyways I was waiting and waiting and it seemed to be taking ages. By the time it got a ‘film’ on the top where it was starting to set I decided to get the next layer ready. This time I used the red colouring which turned out a dark greyish blue instead lol. I poured this into the mould but the heat and the weight made it pierce through the bottom layer and it ended up mixing together slightly. Therefore I made sure that for the final layer I went and watched TV for a bit to let it set properly and stop me being impatient. The final layer was the lime green coloured layer. Once this was completely set I popped it out the mould and you can see how it looked in the image above. At this stage it felt like a bit of a disaster, so I decided to have another attempt and used a round tub I had as a mould.

The result of the second soap can be seen in the image above. As I waited properly between layers this time the soap actually came out stripy lol. This one is also cherry scented and I used green, blue and orange for the layers. It was then time to slice them up into smaller manageable pieces of soap. The tools I used are in the picture below, and are basically some of my mom’s knives I found in the kitchen.

I first decided to cut up the ‘disaster’ soap. But it was at this point that I realised it wasn’t as much of a disaster as I first thought. The pattern where the two colours had mixed looked quite cool in my opinion. This made me wish I had been impatient with the green layer as well though lol as I think it would look quite cool to of had it all swirled together.

The below image shows a close up of one of the slices. I love the fragrances I bought. They smell so good to use and the soap feels pleasing when lathered on the skin.

This next image shows the ‘success’ soap, where the stripes worked as they were supposed to. As I used a round mould for this soap I decided to cut it up like a cake.

I think the colours I used go well together. This soap reminds me of a round cheese for some reason lol. I guess its because of the shape and smooth look to it, as I’ve never seen cheese this colour lol.

I hope you like the pictures of my soap and I am eager to experiment more with this. I find it quite fun to make them, and just as fun to use them.

Tutti Fruity Nails

I recently ordered some fimo fruit shaped pieces from Ebay, which have finally arrived and I just couldn’t wait to try them out. The first lot of images were taken straight after finishing my nails and the bottom 2 pictures were taken the day after.

I first painted my nails yellow with green tips, using nail paints from Barry M. I then stuck 2 of the fruit pieces to each nail using top coat.

I made both hands identical and made sure all fruit pieces on 1 hand were different to each other. The fimo fruits I purchased were already sliced for me and came in 12 different designs.

When applying the fruits to my nails it was a bit tricky to get some of them to stick down fully. This was because the corners of them were pulling away from the natural curve of the nail. I think if they were sliced very thinly, then this would not have been a problem.

After I had pressed them down as best as I could without messing up the base colours on my nails, I left them to set for a little bit. Afterwards I applied a very healthy layer of topcoat to each nail to make sure everything was covered.

Despite this I was expecting the fruits to come off the nails quite easily during my normal everyday tasks. However this was not the case and I am very impressed with how well they lasted. I assume this is all thanks to the amount of topcoat I used.

I had been wearing these nails for 7 days when I lost the first fruit piece while I was out shopping using my hands to lug heavy shopping bags around and trying on loads of different sandals. It was also on the 7th day that I got my first chip in the nail varnish.

It is because of how well I got them to stick that I would definatley use these in nail art again. They look so cute and are a lot easier to use than trying to paint fruity designs on your nails for example. You can also get them in tons of different designs like flowers and butterflies. Sometimes I hesitate to stick things on with my nail art because I worry that they will come off easily and ruin my nail design quickly. However I would says these nails turned out more than a success.

Jewellery Making – #8 – Watches, Charms, Rings and Earrings

These pictures show a variety of different handmade jewellery type things that I have made.


These are the kinds of charms you attach to bags or phones. The dragonfly one I actually have hanging from my car rear view mirror. The most complicated one was the teddy bear one made using tiger tail and seed beads, which I made for my boyfriend. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos as they are quite old from before we had a camera that could do close up shots.


This ring was made using elastic and seed beads, along with a focus bead.


The yellow star earrings are actually origami and are made from a thin long strip of paper. They are called lucky stars.


These are watches I made using some beads on tiger tail. They were made so that the strap could easily be swapped for a different design.

Barry M Neptune Sea Nails

So as promised here is my first in depth look of the latest Barry M magnetic nail paints. From my initial play with them, the blue one stood out the most to me and so I just had to make it the first one I tried out. This one is called Neptune Sea.

As mentioned in my last blog on these, the consistency seems thinner and more sheer. However I think this may be an improvement. Despite this 2 coats was still all I needed.

In the old magnetic paints I found that I sometimes struggled to get the effect to work well, and so would have to make another attempt on a few of the nails. Sometimes one half of the nail would have become tacky instead of wet by the time I placed the magnet over it. This meant that the effect only worked on half the nail. However I did not have this happen once to me.

Also the magnet seemed to be able to pull the effect out with a lot more ease. With the old magnetic paints, mainly the dark silver one, I sometimes struggled to get the effect to stand out well. I feel this is due to the difference in consistency. Whether Barry M have done this on purpose as a way of improving the formula I am not sure of.

I know that the fact that I have found them easier to work as I expect them to this time around, could be due to having more practice with them. However I feel I did the exact same as I did with the original colours. Also the fact that I found the consistency different between the old and new colours could just be due to the batches I got, and so this might not appear to be the same for everyone.

Also the main difference with these magnetics is that they are glittery. The old magnetics gave a metallic finish. This one however is more of a metallic grey/silver colour with blue glitter in. If you look closely you can see that the magnetic pulls the darker grey colour and the blue glitter into one area of the pattern, and the rest is just a metallic silver colour with no glitter.

The coverage of the magnet is also very good. It was able to make the effect reach across my entire nail area on both my fingers and toes. I think this particular magnet pattern looks very good on the big toe nail. One thing I found with the old magnetics was that because my fingernails have quite a lot of curve to them, the pattern didn’t seem to reach around to the sides well. My mom’s nails are much flatter than mine and she did not have this problem with the old magnetic paints. However this could also be related to the differences I noticed in the consistency this time around.

The main negative I had with the old magnetic colours was that even after waiting around 30 minutes for my nails to dry, when I applied my topcoat it ended up ‘dragging/smudging’ the effect underneath to an extent. This time around I did not want this to happen because they came out so well lol. In these pictures, I took them about 24 hours after applying them. It was not until after these pictures were taken that I applied my topcoat. It did not drag the effect this time, but obviously that was because they were let to harden for so long. Next time I will apply my topcoat after a more sensible amount of time to see what happens.

Overall I think these magnetics are better than their first lot. The magnets seem to have a better chance of working perfectly and the effect stands out very noticeably. I also love the colour and the way that the colour comes from the addition of glitter particles.