Tutti Fruity Nails

I recently ordered some fimo fruit shaped pieces from Ebay, which have finally arrived and I just couldn’t wait to try them out. The first lot of images were taken straight after finishing my nails and the bottom 2 pictures were taken the day after.

I first painted my nails yellow with green tips, using nail paints from Barry M. I then stuck 2 of the fruit pieces to each nail using top coat.

I made both hands identical and made sure all fruit pieces on 1 hand were different to each other. The fimo fruits I purchased were already sliced for me and came in 12 different designs.

When applying the fruits to my nails it was a bit tricky to get some of them to stick down fully. This was because the corners of them were pulling away from the natural curve of the nail. I think if they were sliced very thinly, then this would not have been a problem.

After I had pressed them down as best as I could without messing up the base colours on my nails, I left them to set for a little bit. Afterwards I applied a very healthy layer of topcoat to each nail to make sure everything was covered.

Despite this I was expecting the fruits to come off the nails quite easily during my normal everyday tasks. However this was not the case and I am very impressed with how well they lasted. I assume this is all thanks to the amount of topcoat I used.

I had been wearing these nails for 7 days when I lost the first fruit piece while I was out shopping using my hands to lug heavy shopping bags around and trying on loads of different sandals. It was also on the 7th day that I got my first chip in the nail varnish.

It is because of how well I got them to stick that I would definatley use these in nail art again. They look so cute and are a lot easier to use than trying to paint fruity designs on your nails for example. You can also get them in tons of different designs like flowers and butterflies. Sometimes I hesitate to stick things on with my nail art because I worry that they will come off easily and ruin my nail design quickly. However I would says these nails turned out more than a success.


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