Soap Making Experimentation – #2

So it has actually been a few weeks since I made this soap, but I have had quite a lot of things I’ve wanted to post about recently. Instead of posting them all at once and then risk having nothing to post for ages, I have decided to schedule them in advance and spread them out to no more than 2 blogs per week.

Anyways for my second lot of soap making I got an opaque base, even though I actually ordered transparent, but never mind. My aim was to create a stripy block and then slice it up.

However, first I made a blue layer. I decided to use cherry fragrance for these batch of soaps. I used a box that we had cotton buds in for the mould and added the mixture. This soap base seems to take longer to set than the one I bought previous, or maybe it was just my impatience lol. Anyways I was waiting and waiting and it seemed to be taking ages. By the time it got a ‘film’ on the top where it was starting to set I decided to get the next layer ready. This time I used the red colouring which turned out a dark greyish blue instead lol. I poured this into the mould but the heat and the weight made it pierce through the bottom layer and it ended up mixing together slightly. Therefore I made sure that for the final layer I went and watched TV for a bit to let it set properly and stop me being impatient. The final layer was the lime green coloured layer. Once this was completely set I popped it out the mould and you can see how it looked in the image above. At this stage it felt like a bit of a disaster, so I decided to have another attempt and used a round tub I had as a mould.

The result of the second soap can be seen in the image above. As I waited properly between layers this time the soap actually came out stripy lol. This one is also cherry scented and I used green, blue and orange for the layers. It was then time to slice them up into smaller manageable pieces of soap. The tools I used are in the picture below, and are basically some of my mom’s knives I found in the kitchen.

I first decided to cut up the ‘disaster’ soap. But it was at this point that I realised it wasn’t as much of a disaster as I first thought. The pattern where the two colours had mixed looked quite cool in my opinion. This made me wish I had been impatient with the green layer as well though lol as I think it would look quite cool to of had it all swirled together.

The below image shows a close up of one of the slices. I love the fragrances I bought. They smell so good to use and the soap feels pleasing when lathered on the skin.

This next image shows the ‘success’ soap, where the stripes worked as they were supposed to. As I used a round mould for this soap I decided to cut it up like a cake.

I think the colours I used go well together. This soap reminds me of a round cheese for some reason lol. I guess its because of the shape and smooth look to it, as I’ve never seen cheese this colour lol.

I hope you like the pictures of my soap and I am eager to experiment more with this. I find it quite fun to make them, and just as fun to use them.


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