Venus Sunset Nails

This week I tried out the red glitter magnetic nail paint by Barry M. This one is called Venus Sunset.

The magnet on this one gives an arrow type pattern. However I found that this one was slightly harder to use than the previous one I tried a few weeks back. For 2 of the nails I had to make a second attempt to get the pattern to cover the whole nail. I think with the magnetic effects it can be a bit hit and miss in this regard and so it is completely random whether you end up having to retry a nail or 2.

The colour for this is again a silvery/grey base. The magnet pulls the pattern to have a light grey/silver and then a darker colour with the red glitter in. However I am not sure whether the darker colour is grey or if it has a brown/reddish tone to it. The red glitter on top of this makes it hard to distinguish.

Although I was unable to capture it well in the pictures, the glitter looks great when the light hits it directly. The overall colour looks like a dark brown/red shade. However I think I would like it more if it was a lighter red so that it did not appear so brown.

Who else has this colour and what are your opinions on it?


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