Moon Dust Nails

So this time around it was the gold glitter magnetic nail paint by Barry M that had it’s turn on my nails. This one is called Moon Dust.

This one is similar to the previous ones from their new shades. It is a light/dark sliver/grey effect with gold glitter in the darker stripes.

The magnet that comes with this one creates a diagonal stripe effect on the nail. I like the pattern of this magnet a lot more than from the red glitter shade. The magnet easily created nicely defined stripes that reached over the entire nail area.

I also felt that the gold glitter stood out more in this shade and everything looked more ‘glittery/sparkly’ than with the red shade. However this may have been down to how well the magnet worked rather than the formula of the nail paint itself.

I also like the colour of this shade a lot more than in the red one. In the red it had too much of a brownish tinge to it than I would have liked to see.

I think of the new shades that I have tried so far, that this one is definatley my second favourite after the blue shade.


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