Silver Denim Nails

Unfortunately I was unable to take good photographs of these nails. The camera I usually use, actually belongs to my brother and he was using it elsewhere at the time. Therefore I had to settle for my cheap mobile phone camera. I still wanted to share them with you because I quite liked them even though they were very simple. I often find simple designs come out looking the best in the end anyway.

These were the nails I decided to wear for my work friend’s birthday night out. I was wearing blue and black and so felt that Barry M’s denim would go great with this.

On all fingers except for the ring finger I added some silver dots in a diagonal line to stop them looking so plain. This is the silver foil effect by Barry M. I also covered this in a matte top coat by China Glaze to add a bit of extra durability.

I then added a bit of sparkle to the whole look by using a silver glitter on the ring finger. I used a normal top coat on this finger as I wanted the sparkle to stand out from the other fingers.


More Old Nail Designs

Here are a couple more old nail designs that I found photographs for and thought it would be nice to share with you.

This was probably the first ever time I attempted a flower design on my nails, and was done using the needle like end on those nail art bottles you can get rather than a dotting tool.

This was a simple gold dot design done with dotting tools over a dark purple nail varnish. The purple also has small flecks of gold glitter in that look a bit duochrome at times.

Chameleon Lilac Nails

So this week I got around to trying out another of the Chameleon effect nail paints by Barry M. This time I tried out the lilac shade.

I decided on a simple “V” shaped stripe pattern for the colour change. The original colour is a light lilac, which changes to a darker purple shade when you apply the top coat. I used a thinner brush to add the pattern.

Despite deciding on a simple design, I still feel it looks quite effective. The other bonus of this is that it makes adding the design to your dominant hand slightly less difficult. When adding the top coat, you will notice that some nails will be much darker in colour. However this is nothing to worry about as the colour evens out to the same shade on all nails once everything has dried fully.

One other thing I really love about these chameleon shades is the metallic finish to them. The colours look gorgeous on their own before adding any design with top coat.

Handmade Soap Experiemnt – #3

So for my next lot of handmade soap I wanted to try making something more complicated, so decided to make my boyfriend a soap with his name in it. The fragrance I used for this lot of soaps was orange and cinnamon. You can see the final result in the image below.

I first made a white soap and then cut this up to try and make the lettering. My cutting skills need a bit of improvement but you can still see what the letters are. I think I could of tried to make the B look a bit better though. The pieces were then placed into the mould, which was a bit fiddly because they kept falling over. There was a bit of space left in the mould so I also made some thin slices of the white that was left over to make some curls. Any waste was melted back down and used to make some orange soap which was used to fill the gaps in the mould. After it had set I popped it out of the mould and attempted to cut along each side so that the the lettering could be neatly seen. However as I fail at cutting straight I accidentally ended up making the soap a little thinner than I wanted it to be. Therefore I had to cut off a bit more than I wanted to even it out a little. Despite the soap being a bit thin, I am still fairly pleased with the result, as this is my first attempt anyways. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of attempts in the future to improve.

The above image shows 2 little soaps I made at the same time from the spare space in the mould where the curls were placed. After cutting out the soaps,  and because of my little mess up with cutting. There was quite a lot of waste soap left over. I decided to make use of this by making a whole block of curly soap to cut into bars. Therefore I melted this back down and put into the mould to set. Afterwards the whole bar was cut into thin strips which were curled up and put back into the mould. I then made some soap in blue and used this to fill up the rest of the space in the mould. After it was set I cut it into various sized bars, the results of which you can see below.

Now although the result looks quite funky in my opinion, it didn’t turn out very curly. I guess this was because I just threw the curls into the mould and gave it a little shake. This must have made the majority of them land in the opposite position to how I needed them. If I were to try a similar soap again, then I would take more time to arrange and place them better.

However, at the end of the day I am quite new to this whole thing and so I am still learning what works and what doesn’t. I feel my main improvement to make is to learn how to cut straight lol! I am quite pleased with the soaps I have made and love getting my friends and family to test them out as much as I love using them myself. What do you thin of them? Do any other more experienced soap makers out there have any ideas/tips for me to try out that they would like to share?

Super Nova Nails

So here is the last of Barry M’s newish magnetic effects. I quite like this one it reminds me of zebra’s lol. The thing I love about effect nail varnish is that it makes nail art so effortless for those days when you don’t really have much time on your hands.

This one is a silver and dark grey/black shade. Like with the green shade it also has a frosting of fine multi glitter in it which goes really well with this shade. The magnet with this one gives straight lines across the nail and I had no problems getting the effect to work well from it.

This time around I decided to top coat as I normally would, which was about 30 minutes after painting them. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I have been reluctant to top coat. With their very first magnetic paints I had a lot of trouble with top coating the magnetic shades as it just dragged the pattern out. However I am very happy to say that this problem appears to be no longer present at all and the design stayed perfectly intact.

As I have now tried out all of their new magnetic shades, I thought I would share my final ranking from most favourite to least favourite. This is #1 – Neptune Sea (blue), #2 – Moon Dust (gold), #3 – Super Nova (silver multi glitter), #4 – Cosmic Glow (green) and #5 – Venus Sunset (red).


Jewellery Making – #9 – Necklace Sets

Here are some of the necklaces and matching bracelet sets I have made. Some also have matching earrings. Most of these are from the very first jewellery that I made (with the first picture being the very first), so some of the pictures are not of good quality. Despite this I hope you like them.

Cosmic Glow Nails

So this time around I tried out the new glittery green magnetic nail paint shade by Barry M. Out of their new shades I have tried so far, I would put this as my 3rd favourite.

This one is more like their original shades in that the colour comes from the base rather than the glitter. In the previous new ones I have tried the base colour seems very similar to me, and the colour itself has come from the glitter instead.

The effect therefore is a dark and light green pattern. Like the other new shades though it also contains glitter. For this shade however is is a fine multi coloured glitter that spreads across the nail like frost. I can’t tell if the magnet pulls the glitter with the pattern, or if the glitter just shows up a lot better against the darker of the shades in the pattern.

This time around I decided to be brave with my top coat application and applied it about an hour afterwards. I was pleased to find that it did not drag the effect out of the polish. This was the real drawback I found in their original colours, and as I am using the same top coat, then they must have done something in order to improve this problem.

The magnet you get with this shade is the same as with the burgundy shade. I have to say though that this is my least favourite pattern. I also notice that they did not include the criss cross pattern with any of the new shades. This was the pattern they did for the dark silver from their original shades. This was also the one I found the hardest to get a result from, and so I think that maybe they did not include it this time around due to the same reason.

The Blues Nails

Here are some old nail art photographs that I came across of some designs I did that are mainly in blue.

This was a simple solid colour design with a star shaped nail art gem added to the ring finger. I think the colour is called Lavender Blue, which is by Barry M and is a shimmery greyish blue colour.

This design was light blue on all fingers except for the ring finger. The ring finger is white with silver glitter on top. The whole design was finished off with a matte top coat to make it more unique, especially where it covers the glitter.

Shadow Combos

I’ve had these photos of different eye shadow combinations sitting on my hard drive for months now, but I still want to share them with everyone. I hate how I often have ideas for things I want to do, but never manage to find the time for half of them. I have today and tomorrow off work and there’s so many things I want to fit into these two days, but I know I’ll end up doing hardly any of those things. Therefore I’ve decided to first focus on scheduling up some of the blog posts I have planned, because I have folders and folders of photos waiting to be made into blog posts. However I always find that more interesting things will then come along and take priority. I had planned a eye liner comparison post when I first started up my blog last year, but the photos are still waiting there. However I think I should redo those photos to include a lot more eye liners. I also often end up combining similar pictures to end up making them into one post. This is what I have done for this blog post. Unfortunately though, because of how long it has been,  I don’t exactly remember the products used in all of the pictures, but I will try to list them where I can remember. Therefore this post is more of an ideas of what colours to put together post.

1) This one was from my 120 palette using a pinky purple colour blended into blue.

2) These were also from my 120 palette and is a tourquize green colour blended into blue.

3) This one is a yellow with gold shimmer from the 120 palette, which blends into pink and then purple.

4) This smokey eye look was created using Barry M dazzle dusts. The darker shade does have touquizeish shimmer in it, but there was no direct light shining on the eye when the photo was taken and so you can not see it from the picture.

5) This one was also created using Barry M dazzle dusts.

6) This is a purple from the 120 palette blended into ‘Oyster Grey’ Barry M dazzle dust. The eye liner is one of the Glimmersticks Chrome ones from Avon in colour ‘Ultraviolet’.

7) This last one is again ‘Oyster Grey’ by Barry M blended into a dark blue dazzle dust. The eye liner is a blue shade from Avon’s Glimmersticks Chrome eye liners.