Shadow Combos

I’ve had these photos of different eye shadow combinations sitting on my hard drive for months now, but I still want to share them with everyone. I hate how I often have ideas for things I want to do, but never manage to find the time for half of them. I have today and tomorrow off work and there’s so many things I want to fit into these two days, but I know I’ll end up doing hardly any of those things. Therefore I’ve decided to first focus on scheduling up some of the blog posts I have planned, because I have folders and folders of photos waiting to be made into blog posts. However I always find that more interesting things will then come along and take priority. I had planned a eye liner comparison post when I first started up my blog last year, but the photos are still waiting there. However I think I should redo those photos to include a lot more eye liners. I also often end up combining similar pictures to end up making them into one post. This is what I have done for this blog post. Unfortunately though, because of how long it has been,  I don’t exactly remember the products used in all of the pictures, but I will try to list them where I can remember. Therefore this post is more of an ideas of what colours to put together post.

1) This one was from my 120 palette using a pinky purple colour blended into blue.

2) These were also from my 120 palette and is a tourquize green colour blended into blue.

3) This one is a yellow with gold shimmer from the 120 palette, which blends into pink and then purple.

4) This smokey eye look was created using Barry M dazzle dusts. The darker shade does have touquizeish shimmer in it, but there was no direct light shining on the eye when the photo was taken and so you can not see it from the picture.

5) This one was also created using Barry M dazzle dusts.

6) This is a purple from the 120 palette blended into ‘Oyster Grey’ Barry M dazzle dust. The eye liner is one of the Glimmersticks Chrome ones from Avon in colour ‘Ultraviolet’.

7) This last one is again ‘Oyster Grey’ by Barry M blended into a dark blue dazzle dust. The eye liner is a blue shade from Avon’s Glimmersticks Chrome eye liners.


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