Cosmic Glow Nails

So this time around I tried out the new glittery green magnetic nail paint shade by Barry M. Out of their new shades I have tried so far, I would put this as my 3rd favourite.

This one is more like their original shades in that the colour comes from the base rather than the glitter. In the previous new ones I have tried the base colour seems very similar to me, and the colour itself has come from the glitter instead.

The effect therefore is a dark and light green pattern. Like the other new shades though it also contains glitter. For this shade however is is a fine multi coloured glitter that spreads across the nail like frost. I can’t tell if the magnet pulls the glitter with the pattern, or if the glitter just shows up a lot better against the darker of the shades in the pattern.

This time around I decided to be brave with my top coat application and applied it about an hour afterwards. I was pleased to find that it did not drag the effect out of the polish. This was the real drawback I found in their original colours, and as I am using the same top coat, then they must have done something in order to improve this problem.

The magnet you get with this shade is the same as with the burgundy shade. I have to say though that this is my least favourite pattern. I also notice that they did not include the criss cross pattern with any of the new shades. This was the pattern they did for the dark silver from their original shades. This was also the one I found the hardest to get a result from, and so I think that maybe they did not include it this time around due to the same reason.


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