Super Nova Nails

So here is the last of Barry M’s newish magnetic effects. I quite like this one it reminds me of zebra’s lol. The thing I love about effect nail varnish is that it makes nail art so effortless for those days when you don’t really have much time on your hands.

This one is a silver and dark grey/black shade. Like with the green shade it also has a frosting of fine multi glitter in it which goes really well with this shade. The magnet with this one gives straight lines across the nail and I had no problems getting the effect to work well from it.

This time around I decided to top coat as I normally would, which was about 30 minutes after painting them. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I have been reluctant to top coat. With their very first magnetic paints I had a lot of trouble with top coating the magnetic shades as it just dragged the pattern out. However I am very happy to say that this problem appears to be no longer present at all and the design stayed perfectly intact.

As I have now tried out all of their new magnetic shades, I thought I would share my final ranking from most favourite to least favourite. This is #1 – Neptune Sea (blue), #2 – Moon Dust (gold), #3 – Super Nova (silver multi glitter), #4 – Cosmic Glow (green) and #5 – Venus Sunset (red).



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