Handmade Soap Experiemnt – #3

So for my next lot of handmade soap I wanted to try making something more complicated, so decided to make my boyfriend a soap with his name in it. The fragrance I used for this lot of soaps was orange and cinnamon. You can see the final result in the image below.

I first made a white soap and then cut this up to try and make the lettering. My cutting skills need a bit of improvement but you can still see what the letters are. I think I could of tried to make the B look a bit better though. The pieces were then placed into the mould, which was a bit fiddly because they kept falling over. There was a bit of space left in the mould so I also made some thin slices of the white that was left over to make some curls. Any waste was melted back down and used to make some orange soap which was used to fill the gaps in the mould. After it had set I popped it out of the mould and attempted to cut along each side so that the the lettering could be neatly seen. However as I fail at cutting straight I accidentally ended up making the soap a little thinner than I wanted it to be. Therefore I had to cut off a bit more than I wanted to even it out a little. Despite the soap being a bit thin, I am still fairly pleased with the result, as this is my first attempt anyways. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of attempts in the future to improve.

The above image shows 2 little soaps I made at the same time from the spare space in the mould where the curls were placed. After cutting out the soaps,  and because of my little mess up with cutting. There was quite a lot of waste soap left over. I decided to make use of this by making a whole block of curly soap to cut into bars. Therefore I melted this back down and put into the mould to set. Afterwards the whole bar was cut into thin strips which were curled up and put back into the mould. I then made some soap in blue and used this to fill up the rest of the space in the mould. After it was set I cut it into various sized bars, the results of which you can see below.

Now although the result looks quite funky in my opinion, it didn’t turn out very curly. I guess this was because I just threw the curls into the mould and gave it a little shake. This must have made the majority of them land in the opposite position to how I needed them. If I were to try a similar soap again, then I would take more time to arrange and place them better.

However, at the end of the day I am quite new to this whole thing and so I am still learning what works and what doesn’t. I feel my main improvement to make is to learn how to cut straight lol! I am quite pleased with the soaps I have made and love getting my friends and family to test them out as much as I love using them myself. What do you thin of them? Do any other more experienced soap makers out there have any ideas/tips for me to try out that they would like to share?


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