Silver Denim Nails

Unfortunately I was unable to take good photographs of these nails. The camera I usually use, actually belongs to my brother and he was using it elsewhere at the time. Therefore I had to settle for my cheap mobile phone camera. I still wanted to share them with you because I quite liked them even though they were very simple. I often find simple designs come out looking the best in the end anyway.

These were the nails I decided to wear for my work friend’s birthday night out. I was wearing blue and black and so felt that Barry M’s denim would go great with this.

On all fingers except for the ring finger I added some silver dots in a diagonal line to stop them looking so plain. This is the silver foil effect by Barry M. I also covered this in a matte top coat by China Glaze to add a bit of extra durability.

I then added a bit of sparkle to the whole look by using a silver glitter on the ring finger. I used a normal top coat on this finger as I wanted the sparkle to stand out from the other fingers.


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